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Back to Reality

Good morning, sorry I didn’t have time to post yesterday, it was a traveling day for us and after that I had to get everything in order for ANOTHER BUSY WEEK! Well, yesterday morning I did not go for a run. I have a pesky sunburn on my shoulders and sweat+sunburn=pain! But, when I woke up my chest muscles were sore as if I had done a million push-ups.  I think that was from holding on for dear life on the tube! We got up at 8am, after a fantastic 8 hours of sleep (my fantastic nights of sleep were left in FL, once I got home, sleeping was a challenge but we will get to that later). I made an egg white sandwich on whole wheat bread with a slice of American cheese and a banana for breakfast and I had about 1 and 1/2 small cups of coffee with vanilla half and half.

IMG_0287IMG_0288It is taking much less time to load pictures here in Boston than it was when I was in FL, Thank God, blogging in FL was painfully slow!!!!

After breakfast, Adam and I packed up. Here is my traveling outfit.

IMG_0289Aqua Capri’s (GAP), Tan Tank (Old Navy). It is really comfortable for traveling.

We packed up the car and drove 1 and 1/2 hours to the Orlando airport. We got there a few hours before our flight, so we stopped into Chili’s and had lunch. I have never eaten at Chili’s before, it was okay. We started off with a spinach and artichoke dip to share between the 5 of us. I think everyone ate some but Anthony. I don’t think he liked it.

IMG_0292I ordered a Sam Summer and a glass of water to drink (I had two Sam Summer’s throughout the meal). Last day of vacation Right?!

IMG_0291For my meal I ordered the grilled salmon. It came with a side of spanish rice and mixed broccoli and carrots. The menu didn’t indicate that the salmon would be covered in butter or else I would have requested it without. So, when it came out, I did my best to dab as much butter off with my napkin as possible. IMG_0293I ate every last veggie (I wish then has given me a larger serving), about 70% of the salmon and I am not sure how much rice, but I am guessing not a lot because afterward the waiter asked me if I didn’t like it. I liked it ok, it had a little bit of a citrus taste. Overall, the meal was okay, there was definitely a lot butter on the salmon that was totally unnecessary… but oh well.

After we ate we walked to the gate and had to say goodbye to Deb and the kids. I was really sad 😦 (yes, I cried a little). But, they are coming to Boston in less than a month so I am happy about that! But, I am really missing them today! Love you guys…see you soon!!!!!

Once through the gate Adam and I sat at a bar and enjoyed two ice cold bud lights each. I didn’t take a picture I totally forgot (BAD ALI!) but use your imagination…two frosty glasses of bub light….yum.

While on the plane we watched TV and drank 3 more bud lights each…soaking up the last few hours of vacation before we got back to our real lives.

IMG_0296I also sipped on water and had a cheery fruit leather (that I shared with Adam…he didn’t like it very much).

IMG_0295We had a good flight, actually both flights were good and went by fast. Once we got home I was go go go! My dad picked us up (Thanks, Dad!) and then we went right to Adam’s mom’s house to get Oscar! I missed him so much! Then it was right to the grocery store for me! Here is what I bought:

IMG_0298I got pretzel rods (Adam’s), cashews, fat free milk, cookies and dream (Adam) and Gotta Java (ME) fat free frozen yogurt, reduced fat whipped cottage cheese, Lemon and Spicy hummus, Tofu, reduced fat feta, turkey, soup and salmon.

Here is the produce (I always buy tons of produce):

IMG_0299I bought spinach, red bell peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, grapes, kiwi, apples and zucchini.

For dinner I was really craving pasta,  so I cooked some whole wheat pasta with organic sauce and this veggie “meat”.

IMG_0300I used about 1/3 of the package (and there was left over sauce so expect to see this again maybe Thursday?)

Here is a pic of my pasta:

IMG_0301That is a side of steamed zucchini…we were running low on dishes so it is in a cup. I actually turned the dishwasher on right after I took this picture. I put some veggie topping on it too!

IMG_0304For dessert I had a little bit of coffee frozen yogurt and a small piece of dark chocolateIMG_0307Yum yum. After desert I cut up veggies and fruit, made today’s lunch, unpacked, unloaded the dishwasher, got clothes ready for work today…I was a busy girl! I got into bed at around 10:30 and tried to sleep…NO DICE. Between the sunburn and the millions things I have to do running through my mind I could not sleep for the life of me…booooo! Needless to say lack of sleep+sunburn= no morning workout. Hopefully the sunburn will be better tomorrow, I haven’t ran since Saturday and my legs are itching to get moving!

This morning for breakfast I had a honey flavored chobani and a cup of kashi cereal.

IMG_0308I topped it with strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. Just my my body needed!


I also had an iced coffee while gabbing with Kara on the way to work (but it didn’t get it’s picture taken…it is the same one as usual).

Today I am wearing tan pants (target), a brown cami (H&M) and a floral sweater (Old Navy) with brown sandals from TJ MAXX

IMG_0312Full length

IMG_0313close up of my sweater.

Lunch today is a salad (I am in desperate need of some veggies). It has lettuce, tomato, red bell pepper, carrots, cucumbers, tuna and feta with a little balsamic dressing.

IMG_0314well, I have got a lot to do. My after work plans include catching up on some work at my part-time job and MAJOR STUDYING for my final tomorrow! See you at dinner!


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Fun in the Sun!!!

Yesterday we ran away from the rain to St. Augustine Beach. It was raining by Deb’s house so we packed up the car and drove away from the rain. We had a fantastic day at the beach. It was amazing to see the sun.

IMG_0174That’s a happy girl. For lunch I had a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread and some of these brown rice snacks. I actually eat about 3 servings of the brown rice snacks throughout the whole day (we didn’t get home until a little past 8pm).

IMG_0176IMG_0177I also had a few handfuls of almonds throughout the day.

IMG_0171Here are a few pictures from the day, we took a ton so I don’t want to overload you!

IMG_0187Here is me, Adam, Deb and Dave.

IMG_0175This is how Deb and I spent most of the day!

IMG_0190Here is us with Deb and the kids.

IMG_0194We spent a lot of time in the water, it was sooooo warm! We don’t have warm water like this at home. I can’t even remember the last time I actually went SWIMMING in the ocean!

IMG_0199Dinner was grilled chicken, baked sweet potato and salad (I had about twice this amount of salad).

There was a whole lot of this going on today….IMG_0198LOL…we are drinking in the Walmart parking lot. I am not sure how many beers I had total, I usually count them out for you guys, but I didn’t. It was a lot…here are pictures of the different kinds of beer I had…enjoy!

IMG_0173IMG_0179IMG_0180IMG_0197IMG_0208IMG_0209I wore the yellow bikini most of the day, after I changed into this:

IMG_0204Jean shorts (H&M) and a anchor tank top (Forever 21).

Adam got a MEAN SUNBURN today!IMG_0210IMG_0211IMG_0201This is a picture of Adam compared to Timmy…yeah, needless to say he is hurting!

This morning Deb made french toast. She made mine with whole wheat bread and whites. I sliced up this banana and drizzled it with maple syrup I ate about 1 and a half pieces.

IMG_0217It was so yummy! I had two small cups of coffee with french vanilla half and half (I am loving this stuff).IMG_0216We went out on the boat, there was wake boarding, knee boarding and tubing. Here are are a few pictures. It was such a fun day!

IMG_0222That’s me and Ant!

IMG_0234Look at my handsome guy…he did such a good job! He has his shirt on because of his awful sunburn!

IMG_0236Here is Deb and I scared to death on the tube…Dave was driving fast!

IMG_0247I drove the boat! I was so scared. I almost killed Adam and Timmy, who were on the tube. Yeah, I didn’t drive anymore.

IMG_0257On the way home, I snacked on trail mix.

IMG_0271This is what I wore after the boat trip, shorts (JCrew), white tank top (JCrew). After we went out on the boat, Deb, Dave, Adam and I went to dinner. John Travolta lives near them and we got to drive  by his house this is a picture of his front gate.

IMG_0260At dinner I ordered a shock top, they were two for one!

IMG_0261I tried GATOR TAIL!!!!!! Here is a picture of it. It was fried (I don’t normally eat anything fried- but I made an exception this time). IMG_0262I think that was a honey mustard sauce with it. Here is a picture of me eating it.

IMG_0263It tasted like a mix between chicken and shrimp. It had the texture of shrimp, but was a little chewier. Adam even tried it. I was really shocked about that.

IMG_0264I had one of Dave’s buffalo shrimp too. I can’t really eat a lot of fried food because it hurts my stomach a lot. So that’s all I had for appetizers.

IMG_0265For dinner I had the Turkey Ruben sandwich, it had turkey, swiss cheese and sauerkraut (I asked fot no 1,000 Island Dressing- I don’t like it) on a pretzel roll (splurge) I requested a house salad on the side in place of the french fries, I ate the salad dry-the veggies alone were enough!


Here is a pic of Adam and I by the Gator at the restaurant.

IMG_0268While blogging and lighting fireworks (blogging took over two hours!) I sipped on this beer

IMG_0273I had one and a half of these. Deb made my VERY FAVORITE dessert! Peanut Butter pie! This stuff is seriously TO DIE FOR. You have NO IDEA! Here is a picture of my piece…Heavenly!!!!!!!!!

IMG_0285IMG_0286Well, vacation is alomost over and I am sad 😦 I am off to chat with everyone. I am hoping to go for a run tomorrow morning, but I am a little burnt so we will have to see. Night! See you guys tomorrow!

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Good Morning! I slept so well last night, I love having a real good nights sleep and feeling rested. We got up at about 7:30am and got ready for a run. I had a half a banana with some crack dark chocolate peanut butter. Perfect fuel for a nice run.

IMG_0164I love how this picture looks like nothing else exists but my banana and PB…I pretty much feel that way about it!

We set out at about 8am for a run. We took Tim with us. Here I am in my Longhorn shorts in honor of my favorite Texan…Kara!

IMG_0165We ran 3.4 sweaty miles in 32 minutes. I was humid as heck, but it felt great to be running and I loved seeing the sun. Tim did so well, he kept right up with us. He did a great job for someone who doesn’t run as consistently and he did the whole thing is skateboarding sneakers. Way to go, Timmy!!!! Good job finishing strong!IMG_0167 At the tail end of the race we picked up speed and did a little sprint.

Check out how sweaty I was!

IMG_0166Breakfast was an egg white omlet made by Adam. It had mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese…it was so good.

IMG_0169I had about 1 and a half small cups of coffee with vanilla half and half

IMG_0168and a piece of whole wheat toast with dark chocolate peanut butter, that almost didn’t get photographed, until Anthony reminded me…Thanks Ant!


Well it is raining here, but we are hoping the weather will clear so we can make it to the beach!

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We decided not to go to the movies, which is fine with me because I am pretty tired. I will probably get ready for bed shortly. Adam took this pick of me in my bikini today. I can’t believe the difference in my body from last summer!!!

IMG_0153After being in the water all day, I took a shower and got dressed. I am wearing jean shorts and a yellow tank top (both from H&M)

IMG_0154my necklace is my favorite, it looks like the “Carrie” necklace from Sex and The City, but instead it says “Believe”. I had it made. It reminds me to just believe, believe in God, believe in love, believe in humanity and always believe in myself.

Here is the back of my shirt, it is my favorite part of the shirt…

IMG_0155I was really hungrey around 8pm, so I had some left over salad

IMG_0159and you know I just had to try my new peanut butter. So, I have a piece of whole wheat toast with the dark chocolate peanut butter and 1/2 a banana. HEAVENLY!!!!! So good, I am in love!

IMG_0157Well, we are going to play a board game now and I see bed in the near future…night!

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Hello from FL!

Well, we landed in FL safely! At the airport in Boston, we stopped in at Boston Beer Works for dinner and beers- it’s our tradition!!!! We each enjoyed 3 lovely watermelon beers…talk about summery!

IMG_0105For dinner I got the veggie quesadilla they had corn, mushrooms, red bell peppers, jack cheese in a spinach wrap. It came with salsa (that I ate about 80% of), guacamole (I had about 20 % of) and sour cream (which I don’t eat).

IMG_0106I ate about 60% of the quesadilla. It was a little too cheesy for me, I prob should have asked for it to be light on the cheese.

While on the plane I had two bud lights (not my favorite beer….) and water. IMG_0108

While on the plane I split my time up evenly between the my two favorites, food networkIMG_0109and the style channel…obvi!


After we got on the plane, we met Deb ( my future sister-in-law) at the gate! It was soooo great to see her. Then we started the drive back to her house, we got lost and had to stop at a gas station to ask for directions, I was a little hungry so I got a giant water and a Kashi peanut butter and chocolate crunchy bar. It pretty much did the trick, I was still a little hungry.

IMG_0111IMG_0112When we got to the house, I was tired as heck (I had been awake for over 20 hours) and in a moment of weakness, I eat 4 handfuls of salt and vinegar chips (they are my favorite flavor)…but, I don’t regret it, I never eat chips and these were just as yummy as I remembered.

IMG_0113I went to bed around 3am, and slept like a baby!!!!!! Adam and I got up around 9am and had coffee with my Deb and just chatted. I had two small cups with a little 2% milk.

IMG_0115We decided to go to a lake today. So we (me, Adam, Deb, Dave, and the kids) jumped in the truck to head out. I had a kashi trail mix bar (I wasn’t very hungry this morning).

IMG_0117As we were driving to the lake, it started getting cloudy (of course!!) and by the time we got there it was a storm (thunder, lightening and rain). So, we walked around the trails until it cleared up, unlike Boston, the storms usually pass.

IMG_0051Here is Adam and I by the waterfall.

IMG_0053This is Anthony, Deb, me, Adam and Tim after getting soaked by the rain…waiting for the showers to pass.

IMG_0054Another shot of my handsome fiance and I (see how clear blue the water is????)

Finally, it stopped raining and we were able to go swimming. The water was only 72 degrees, it was chilly. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go in, but my lovely soon-to-be brother-in-law pushed me in (Thanks, Dave).

IMG_0128Here is us and the kids freezing our butts off swimming. It was quite a workout the water was well over my head so I swam and treded water for about 20 minutes, I forgot how much a workout swimming was. It felt great!!! Once we got done swimming we went to the grocery store to get food for dinner and for lunches tomorrow (we are going to the beach)!!!!!!! While driving there I snacked on a 100 calorie pack of almonds. You will notice I kind of grazed all day until dinner, I just didn’t have a huge appetite until then. IMG_0134While at the grocery store I found this:IMG_0136I can’t wait to have this tomorrow as part of a pre-run snack and breakfast. I have been looking for this since I saw it all over the blog world a few months ago, we just do not have it in Boston…I will let you guys know how I like it!

While in the car I snacked on a serving of these….spicy and tasty!

IMG_0135I also had a handful of cashews that didn’t get photographed (sorry) and a reduced fat string cheese ( I was getting a little hungrey since I hadn’t eaten a real meal all day but dinner was going to be soon).

IMG_0137Everyone else had hamburgers and I had a turkey burger made of ground turkey, egg whites and bread crumbs:IMG_0139There is my Adam making my burgers! He is the best!


Of course I was in charge of veggies, I made the salad and cooked the corn (Deb taught me how to cook it with the husk on…tasted so good).

IMG_0140IMG_0143I had a turkey burger on whole wheat bread with mustard and pickles, a good size helping of salad (my body was craving veggies)IMG_0146IMG_0145I had this dressing with my salad…per usual!

IMG_0144A shrimp skewer and corn

IMG_0148I had it with just black pepper…no butter.

Here is the damage I didn’t really eat a lot of the bread but I ate everything else though. I think that is because I didn’t really ate a full meal all day before. IMG_0147While cooking and eating dinner I had two Sam Summers…IMG_0141while blogging on the back porch I enjoyed an ice cold Corona Light.


I am off to swim with Adam and the kids, I think we are going to see transformers tonight. This post took me well over an hour, so I am going to try and post smaller posts more often. This was a little painful, the pictures took a really long time to load. I am not posting my outfit because as you can see I wore bummy clothes over a bikini all day. I will take a pic of whatever I change into for the movies for you though. Well, I may or may not post tonight. See you soon. Enjoy the weekend!

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I love sun!

Well, the sun is shining here in Boston and I am thrilled!!! I got this interesting article from my friend Kara through email today.

It is called “How Food Makers Capture Our Brains”. It is a really good read, check it out if you have the time! Thanks, Kara!

Well, I ran an errand at lunch time today, I need sunglasses. Some adorable dog laid on them like allllll day a few days ago and broke them.

If you see this pup, please contact the authorities, he is a serial sunglass breaker:

DSCI1016HAHAH doesn’t that look like a mug shot?! I will miss him for sure when I go away!

When I got back from getting my $7 sunnies at H&M (holy bargain), I returned to this at my desk! IMG_0099It’s a note from my co-worker Loren with a little napkin full of Goji berries. I have been wanting to try these for a while now after reading about them. IMG_0101They smell almost like they should be a grain, they are chewy-ish and stick to your teeth. I think they taste like a cranberry-raspberry hybrid. Yummy! I had about four and then saved the rest for yogurt another day! Thanks, Loren!!!!

Lunch was another super  salad: lettuce, tomato, radish, carrot, mushrooms, the rest of the feta and tuna.

IMG_0103IMG_0104With a dash of the same ol’ dressing ( I leave it in my work fridge).

and a whole wheat tortilla with lemon hummus, but I only ate half, the salad filled me up. I will eat the other half as an afternoon snack. IMG_0102I have successfully eaten allllll the produce I bought Sunday. I forgot to take a picture but for a morning snack I had some grapes and blueberries. A really small container full.

Next time you see me I will be in FL, I am not sure if I will be posting late tonight or tomorrow morning. We land well after 11pm tonight and still have I think an hour and a half drive to Deb’s. I will be tired for sure, so I may not post until tomorrow morning. I am going to to my very best to be consistent for you guys while in FL.  See you soon!!!

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So excited :)

Ok first things first! I got an email from Tina today saying I won a free ticket to the Healthy Living Summit!!!!!! I am so excited, I can’t even tell you. Click on the link to find out more about this event. When I found out that this event would be in Boston, I literally jumped for joy. Having the opportunity to meet my favorite bloggers and participate in a Healthy Living conference is sooooooo exciting. However, I found out that registration opened tonight at 8pm (which is while I would be up in the sky on my way to FL). I knew once I landed at 11pm all the tickets would be sold out( they only have spots for 125 people)  😦 I was sad! I figured oh well, thems the breaks kid! My last hope was that each blogger hosting the summit was giving away a free ticket. I took a chance at winning on each blog, but honestly 160-200 others did as well. When I got the e-mail from Tina that I won, I was soooooooooo excited I was screaming! I will get to go to the summit after all. I am beyound psyched, and I am going to FL today, can this day get any better?!?!?!?!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. I got up at 5:35 this morning to get ready for my workout and was surprised and excited to see Adam get up too! Yup, I got to workout this morning with Ad!!!!! YAY! Once I was dressed and ready to go I snacked on a 1/2 a banana and natural peanut butter.

IMG_0008Old picture (sorry!) same yummy goodness!

Adam and I did a wonderful 3.4 miles. We both agreed it was one of those days we felt like we could run forever, but we had to go to work so time got in the way of that. We stopped at the gym where I did a tricep and chest workout, I think Adam did a chest workout too. The best thing about running with Adam is…no ipod required! We talked the whole run 🙂 Due to our different schedules we rarely get to run together, which stinks because it is something we both enjoy, so when I get a really cute  date to run with, I don’t waste my time listening to Brittany Spears (don’t worry, Brit, I still love you). Last time we ran together was our race on the 14th, and we didn’t actually run together becasue Speedy Gonzales finished a whole 4 minutes (you go boyfriend) ahead of me.

After our workout I made a protein shake (with water…yuck) and walked Oscar. I hopped in the shower and packed up the rest of out toiletries.

IMG_0087Protein Powder

IMG_0088Some free samples I got from CVS a few weeks ago.

IMG_0089From left to right: Ziploc with my makeup, Ziploc with shampoo, conditioner, my razor and face wash; Ziploc with hair products, brush, bobby pins, hair-ties, deodorant and lotion.

I put all these stuff in the suitcase with my running shoes and Adam’s running shoes. We are actually managing to fit all of our stuff in one suitcase- Can you believe it!? I think it is because I am only bring two pairs of shoes my running shoes and my rainbow flip flops (which I will be wearing on the plain). Who would have thought I would end up being one of those girls whose running shoes take precedent over any cute heels, platforms or flats?!?!?!

Breakfast was Trader Joe’s Low-fat Almond Granola:

IMG_0090I looooove this granola!

I mixed it with a honey flavor chobani and the rest of my strawberries and blueberries. IMG_0091Once everything was packed up, I was dressed and my belly as full, it was time to head to work. It was so hard saying goodbye to this little cutie for four days 😦

IMG_0093Adam is dropping him off at his mother’s house around 4:15 today so I won’t see him until we get back on Monday afternoon. I am going to miss Oscar.

On my way to work I stopped at Zume’s for my medium vanilla iced coffee with half and half (and gabbed to Kara…obvi)

IMG_0094Today I am wearing a DRESS!!! The sun is supposed to come out! YES!!!! IMG_0095Full length: Dress (H&M), peep-toe pumps (Marshall’s- I think they are Liz Claiborne …my mom’s favorite…RIP Liz) I also have a black cardigan with me, in case you haven’t noticed my office building can get COLD (Jacob).

Here is a close up of the top of the dress and the print.

IMG_0096Well, I got some work to do…counting down the hours til’ I am on vacation!!! See you all at lunch!

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