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Hey everyone! Well, I am pooped today! I have had such a busy and fun weekend so far. After my las post, I hung around the house a little before getting dolled up and heading to Wendy and Charlie’s Wedding! I was a FANTASTIC wedding and we had a great time.  The bride was STUNNING and oh so happy! Isn’t it great to see a close friend so happy?!

The ceremony was great, the church was packed! There were hundreds of people there to witness Wendy and Charlie exchange their vows. After the ceremony, we headed to the reception. During the cocktail hour, I snacked on some crackers, cheese and fruit. I got a few pieces of spicy cheese, yum 🙂

The drink of the night was vodka and cranberry juice, I was not in a beer mood. Shocking, I know.

During the cocktail hour, I chatted with some co-workers. It was so fun seeing everyone all dolled up. Don’t you LOVE the color of Carol’s dress! That blue looks stunning on her 🙂

The food was INCREDIBLE! It was hands down the BEST FOOD I have ever had at a wedding! There was tons and tons of food too, I thought I was going to have to be rolled out of there.

Course 1 was Italian Wedding Soup. It was sooo delicious!

Course 2 was ziti. The sauce was so delicious! I loved it.

Course 3 was salad.

By the time the main course came, I was stuffed! It was baked stuffed shrimp, steak ,veggies and a twice baked potato. I ate all the veggies, the shrimp and a few bites of the potato. I could not fit another thing in my belly.

This was the cake, beautiful. I actually didn’t have any because I literally could not fit it. I was so full by the time it was served.

After eating, I danced the night away. I had to work off all that food!!!!! Here are a few pictures from the night.

Work people!!!

A sweet kiss!!!

The happy couple! They are so fun, and easy on the eyes too 😉 I could not be more happy for them!

Myself and the beautiful bride!

One of the highlights of my night was meeting Debbie! Debbie came up to me in the ladies room and and asked, “Are you Ali?”, I said “Yes?”. She is a blog reader!!! I love meeting readers in person 🙂 Debbie was super sweet and said how excited she was to meet me in person, I was just as excited to meet her!!!! 🙂  Debbie and I danced the night away! HI DEBBIE (waving)!

This picture would have been so cute, if there wasn’t something on my lens causing those spots! Weird! This is probably the best outfit shot I have from the night. I am wearing a black Ann Taylor Loft dress and red satin shoes. I love the neckline of the dress.

We had such a great time at the wedding, but were were exhausted when we got home and went right to bed. I think it was all the dancing 😉 Adam and I were like little dance machines!

This morning I woke up craving a bagel with cream cheese. I haven’t had one in so long, we are talking over a year here! Adam popped into out local coffee shop and got me a whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese and a coffee. Did I mention I love this man?! 😉

Well, I got a few things to do around the house. I am so excited about the USA Hockey game today at 3pm. I hope they get the gold! GO USA!!!! See you all a little bit later!


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More Celebrations!

Hello! Well, I have spent the day being lazy and hanging out with Adam and Oscar. After my hectic week, it feels great to hang around and chill out a little bit. I got so much done at work yesterday, it was kind of amazing! While working in the afternoon, I snacked on 1/2 of a clif bar.

After work I headed home to get dolled up for Adam’s Captain’s retirement party. The party was actually for his Captain and a few Sergeants that were retiring from Adam’s station.

Here is my outfit:

Purple Donna Rico dress and Black suede Michael Kors pumps.

I had 2 malibu and pineapples at the start of the night and then had a few bud lights after that.

A fancy four course meal was served. Salad:


The main dish was grilled chicken, prime rib and a whole lot of veggies. I at the chicken and veggies and gave the prime rib to some of the guys at our table since I don’t eat red meat.

The cake was sooo good! I think it tasted extra good since I gave up sweets (besides celebration cakes (weddings, birthdays and retirement parties)). I ate my whole piece!

Here are a few pictures from the night, I had a good time. Adam’s co-workers are so fun, I love hanging out with them.

Me and my friend Caitlin! Cait and I have been close friends since our first day of High School, her fiance and Adam actually works at the same station.

Mel and I.

Kevin and I

Mel and Kevin, aren’t they an adorable couple?! We all had a great night!!!!

Adam and I slept in until 9:30 this morning…I needed it!!!! When we got up we made breakfast. I had an egg (whole egg) sandwich with veggie sausage and cheddar cheese on whole wheat toast with some blueberries and kiwi on the side. Yes, I eat the kiwi skin, I like it 🙂

and some coffee, obvi!

After breakfast we watched CNN to see the coverage on the earthquake in Chili. It seems like it is causing a sunami in Hawaii. Adam’s sister and her husband are on vacation there right now and they have been evacuated. It’s pretty scary! After we had enough of CNN, I somehow managed to convince Adam to watch Romeo and Juliet with me 🙂 I am a huge Shakespeare freak for those of you who don’t know that. I took a number of courses about him as an undergrad and have managed to read his complete works of the course of a few years. I actually took a trip to the house he was born in a few years ago and totally got teary eyed when I was told I was standing in the exact spot where he was born. Pretty cool!!!!

For lunch, we ordered pizza. I had two sliced of veggie pizza: spinach, mushrooms, olives and tomatoes with whole wheat crust and a little arugula salad. I also had a tiny handful of Adam’s fries that managed to escape my camera. They were really crunchy, so I had to have some. I love them like that.

In Other News:

“Ask Me Anything” Questions:

Q: i’m interested in what kind of dressing you use for your salads

A: I used a few different kinds. I really like Newman’s Own Lighten Up organic ones, especially the Italian and Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Q: What weights do you use for each track in body pump?

A: The bar alone weighs 3 pounds. So, for each track in addition to the 3 pounds of the bar I add:

  • Warm up : 15 pounds (1- 2.5 pound weight and 1-5 pound weight on each side)
  • Squat Track: 30 pounds (1- 10 pound weight and 1-5 pound weight on each side)
  • Chest Track: 20 pounds (1- 10 pound weight on each side)
  • Back track: 25 pounds (1-10 pound weight and 1-2.5 pound weight on each side)
  • Tricep Track: 15 pounds (1- 5 pound weight and 1-2.5 pound weight on each side)
  • Bicep Track: 15 pounds (1- 5 pound weight and 1-2.5 pound weight on each side)
  • Shoulder Track: 15 pounds (1- 5 pound weight and 1-2.5 pound weight on each side)
  • For the Ab Track, if weights are used, I use the 10 pound weight.

Well, I am going to rest a little bit before getting dolled up to head to my co-worker Wendy’s Wedding!! 🙂 YAY! I am so excited for Wendy and Charlie, and I can’t wait to see how beautiful she looks!!!

I have been going to so many things I need to get all dressed up for lately, I feel so fancy! 🙂

I love celebrations!!!!

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Early Lunch Post

Wow! I never post my lunch this early! I usually wait so I can include an afternoon snack if I end up having one too. But, I plan on being chained to my desk from now until quitting time! I worked right through lunch today like it was nothing. There will be no breaks, I have a ton on my plate.

Lunch was leftovers from last night. Baked tofu, asparagus, whole grain rice and quinoa.

I also had a clementine and some water! I have been chugging water all morning, I think that 7 mile run did I job on my hydration. I always drink tons of water, so this should even out.

I have a retirement party tonight that is dressy, so I have to head right home after work and rush to get dolled up. I am sure I will be out late, so I probably won’t post until tomorrow morning! I hope you are all having an excellent Friday!

Nose to the grindstone! See you guys later 🙂

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How did I forget that?!

Morning. I woke up this morning feeling tired and stressed. When Adam realized I was stressed almost to the point of tears this morning he looked and me and said, “Go for a run, don’t worry about anything else right now. Just get in a workout.” This man knows me too well 🙂 I got on workout clothes, packed lunch, breakfast and work clothes and headed to the gym at work for a run. Before leaving the house, I had a kashi dark mocha almond bar.

I had a fantastic 7 mile run in 1:04:33. It felt great. I actually ran to my ipod with the TV off, it gave me time to plan my day and figure out how to tackle everything on my to-do list. I felt 100% better after my run! Sometimes (not often) Adam is right! I hoped in the shower and went to get dressed when I realized in my stressed out state, I forgot to pack underwear and a bra! Ugh! How did I forgot to pack that?! Luckily, I work right by a Marshall’s and I was there waiting for them to open at 9am, I ran in and bought underwear and a bra. I am laughing now, but at the time- not so funny!

Breakfast was 1 container of chobani vanilla, a few spoonfuls of pumpkin and 1 cup of kashi Go Lean. I grabbed a coffee on the way back from Marshall’s grande bold, with two pumps of vanilla syrup and half and half.

Today’s outfit:

Dark wash jeans (GAP), Yellow flats (Forever 21), White t-shirt (Target), Black wrap cardigan (Forever 21).

In Other News:

Ask Me Anything Questions:

Q: You’ve inspired me to try a Body Pump class and I finally found a gym around here that has them.  I’m nervous though!  Last time I took a gym class everyone knew all the moves and I practically got trampled doing the grapevine.  Is Body Pump a hard class to get started with for newbies?  Thanks for the blog!

A: Body Pump is great for newbies!!! Everyone is a newbie at one time, right?! The instructors are awesome at catering to new people. It is super easy to get the hang of too. Try it out, you will be in love !

Q: How many people visit your blog every day?

A: More than I thought would! HA! It varies day to day, and is much higher on the weekdays than on the weekends.  Readership has been steadily increasing (yay!).  I don’t want to give and exact number because I don’t want to jinx myself (I am superstitious) but it is well into the thousands at this point 🙂

I am accepting “Ask Me Anything” Questions until Next Friday, March 5th, so hurry up and get them in. To submit an question, click here.

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Hi everyone! I was sooo busy at work today, I decided to forgo a blog post and get some work done. My lunch hour was used to go to Body Pump with my friend Melissa. We actually did mostly tracks from Body Pump 69. It was fun to have different music. I actually really like the music a whole lot better than 72’s music. It is more upbeat and there were some old school jams in there 🙂 But I think I like 72 better as a whole because I feel like it is more challenging. After, I am not there to listen to music, I am there to work right ?! 😉 Before heading to the gym I snacked on a piece of a chocolate chip clif bar.

Lunch was a turkey wrap an an Ezekiel wrap with mustard, laughing cow and pickles. On the side I had hummus and veggies (cucumbers, carrots and peppers).

I love the little mini hummus cups at got at Costco, so convenient!

I had a pre-class snack of pretzels that I found in the kitchen at work, I think they were left over from a meeting. I love free, healthy snacks! 🙂

Class was good. It was pretty interesting, we talked about personality tests. Psychological Testing can be a little dry, but this is my professor’s first semester teaching it and she is really putting in the effort to make it more interesting and it is MUCH appreciated. It makes it go by fast and holds my interest. After class, I started my walk to the bus. It was SO WINDY AND RAINY it felt like a monsoon!!! My friend Loren and I were getting blown all over the place. By the time I got on the bus, I was soaked. My pants were soaked to my legs and the water had actually come through my LL Bean winter coat onto my sweater underneath. INSANE, right?! I could not wait to get out of those clothes…nothing is more uncomfortable than clothes that are stuck to you. Dinner was fast, healthy and yummy.

Baked teriyaki tofu, whole grain rice and quinoa mix and steamed asparagus.

A few months ago Seeds of Change sent me a HUGE package of a variety of their products. Slowly, but surely I have been working my way through the things they sent me. I was looking for something quick tonight and I pulled this little guy out of the cabinet.

Microwave for 2.5 minutes and it is done!

It had a light garlic taste and I really like it a lot. I recommend it if you like brown rice and quinoa, it is really good!

I was craving something sweet and since I gave up dessert for lent, I had some blueberries with a little bit of honey. It hit the spot.

In Other News:

“Ask Me Anything: Questions:

Q: Roughly how many calories are in your Green Monsters? They look really good, and I would like to try to incorporate them (especially after you talk about how much energy you get, and how it helps your immune system), but I’m a calorie counter and want to make sure they fit into my diet.

A: I can’t be sure, I don’t count calories. But, if I HAD to guess I would say between 400-500 calories. I don’t make them exactly the same every time, so I bet that it varies. I am sure you can adjust it by adding or subtracting things to meet your own caloric needs.

Q: Do you ever find it morally challenging to purchase stylish clothing from stores that manufacture that clothing in sweatshops? Companies/designer’s like Tommy Hilfiger, The Gap, Nike, Banana Republic, and many more have been accused and shown to manufacture their products in “USA Commonwealth’s” can label their clothing, “Made in USA” but can be made in a sweatshop in Saipan were there are no labor laws to protect those workers.

A: To be 100% honest, I have never actually though about it. I am very ignorant as to which companies use sweat shops and usually just buy things that I like. But, this is an interesting point and I will give it more thought and look into it when I have some extra time.

Q: When you were on your weight loss journey and started to see the weight drop off what kept you motivated? After seeing weight loss did it ever just make you want to go back to a bad old habit because you felt like you could and still keep it off?

A: Well, the short answer is no, I never just wanted to go back to my old bad habits. I actually write a lot about my journey in my Meet Ali page. In this page I talk about once I stopped focusing on loosing weight and started focusing on being healthy, that is when my journey really began and the weight actually started to come off. Can I keep the weight off while drinking a lot, eating fatty foods and smoking a 1/2 a pack a day? Maybe? I am not sure. Am I willing to try? Absolutely not! Being healthy and living an active lifestyle makes me a happier person and A LOT more fun to be around and I guess that is my motivation. I love that my lungs are clean and my hair doesn’t smell like cigarettes. I love the way clean and healthy food makes my body feel and function. Nothing beats the feeling I get after a great workout or as I cross a finish line. So to me, that is all motivation as well. If you are a regular reader you will notice I am not an all or nothing kind of girl though. It as truly all about balance. I eat healthy and workout hard for the most part. But, some sometimes I have a few drinks, indulge a little bit and spend a day laying around my apartment being lazy.

I am accepting “Ask Me Anything” Questions until Next Friday, March 5th, so hurry up and get them in. To submit an question, click here.  Night!!!

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Dear Sleep…I Miss You!

Hello! Ugh, I am draaaaggging today! I have had minimal sleep for the past few days and it is catching up with me. The issue with writing papers late at night after working all day is that it takes a lot of effort on my brain’s part to stay focused and think critically.  So, when I am done with the work and ready for bed, my brain will not shut off and just keeps going, keeping me awake. It is sort of like the mental equivalent of the energy rush you get after a hard workout. So, writing two papers late at night this week has had an effect on the amount of sleep I have gotten and I am feeling the effects today for sure! Does anyone else experience this?

Looks like someone else in the FFF household feels the same way. I was met with protest when attempting to make the bed around this little guy.

Doesn’t he look very serious? This little guy is serious about sleep. Bed early tonight for sure 🙂

Breakfast was a large Green Monster. It seemed like the best option for two reasons:

  1. It provides me with sooo much energy, which is just what I needed.
  2. I had 3/4 of a bag of spinach that was at the use it or toss it stage of ripeness.

Green Monster:

  • 3/4 of a bag of spinach
  • 1 cup of fat free milk
  • 1 banana
  • ice
  • protein powder
  • green superfood
  • flax seed
  • pumpkin
  • peanut butter

And…coffee, obvi!

Today’s outfit:

Brown cord trouser pants (Jacob), Oatmeal colored v-neck sweater (GAP), White cami (GAP), Dip-dyed scarf (H&M), Brown pointed tow boots (Nine West).

In Other News:

“Ask Me Anything” Questions:

I will be doing these ask me anything questions until March 5th, which will be one month of “Ask Me Anything”. I had to make a cut off somewhere or I would be answering questions forever. So get them in before next Friday!!!  To submit a question click here!

Q: Do you think that there will be any bridal competition between you and May since your weddings are so close in time?  My best friend and I got married nearly two years apart (mine was first) and she was so competitive and threatened by everything related to my wedding (even though it was years earlier).  Maybe it is just our relationship, though – we are both lawyers and HIGHLY competitive people.

A: Good Question! I am pretty certain the answer is No. May and I have been best friends since we were practically toddlers and we have always done EVERYTHING at the same time (gymnastics, applying for private high schools,  playing volleyball- we even played the same position, applying for college, graduating, applying for our first “real” jobs, etc.) and have done everything without being competitive. As little girls we always talked about planning our weddings together, so it is really exciting that we actually get to do it.

May has always been the closest person to me in my life, so I can’t even put into words how genuinely happy I am for her. I think both of us are really excited about each other’s weddings, really excited about being brides, really excited about being Maids of Honor, but mostly, excited that our best friend has found the guy of her dreams and that we will be standing there with each other when we both make the biggest promise of our lives. So, I don’t think there will be any competition. I have the inside scoop on what is planned so far for both weddings and they are both going to be pretty awesome! 🙂

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Busy Yet Accomplished!

Hey everyone! How was your night? Mine was looong. I got my paper done, but it took a few hours, so I didn’t end up getting in a workout. It makes me even more annoyed that I couldn’t get a treadmill this morning, because had one been open, I would have gotten in a workout 😦 I know, I know, let it got, Ali! On the way home, I stopped at Starbucks to get some paper writing fuel:)

Grande mild roast, 2 pumps of sugar free vanilla syrup and half and half. I drank about 3/4 of it. Once I got home, I did some work for my part-time job and then got started on my paper. About half way through, I broke for dinner. Dinner was a quick panini: whole wheat bread, goat cheese, tomatoes, turkey, spinach and artichoke hearts pressed on the forman. On the side I had some steamed asparagus.

I got the paper done around 10:15, proof read (to the best of my ability) and sent it to my friend John. He is my editor 🙂 Honestly, he is so great: he is editing two of my papers for me in one week. That’s ladies and gentlemen (although I imagine most of you as ladies) is a friend. 🙂

In Other News:

“Ask Me Anything” Questions:

Q: It always seems that you can go from your house to your parents house in a milli-second.  Do you live in the same building?

A: Yup! I think I may have touched on this before, but maybe not. My parents own a two family and Adam and I live in one of the apartments. We have lived here for three years. It has worked out really well, especially for Oscar. He goes to my parent’s house during the way while we are working, so he gets constant love and attention and is never alone. I am super family oriented and love being able to see my mom, dad and grandpa everyday. 🙂 This time next year Adam and I should be done gutting and reconstructing our house and we won’t be living as close. Although our house is about a 10 minute walk from my parents and his parents house. What can I say, we love our families!

Q: I love your fashion! I know you had a post about where you shop for each of your items. What are your tips for getting the best bargains especially at places like J. Crew and Banana Republic (my favs)?!

A: My three tips are:

  • Check for sales: Banana Republic especially has GREAT sales sometimes.
  • Outlets: I loooove the outlets. Things in the outlets are usually just last years lines and with stores the JCrew or BR their items are so classic they are almost never out of style. So you get great quality and style for a great price.
  • TJ Maxx or Marshalls: They both carry JCrew and BR at super low prices, you just have to be willing to look around.

Q: Hey Ali, very random question…what’s your go-to hangover meal or routine?

A: Coconut water before bed and when I wake up, Green Monster for breakfast…and I am good to go!

Don’t forget to submit you ask me anything questions. To submit a question click here!

Night…see you in the morning. 2 more days until the weekend!


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