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Hello! Hope you are all having a good day! My lunch isΒ  doggy inspired. I know you are thinking, “What the heck is she talking about?” A few days ago I got this picture e-mailed to my from my bestie May.

That is her dog Stolki licking an Amy’s can clean! My fur-nephew is just like his Auntie Ali, loves him some Amy’s.Β  The caption of the photo was, ” Hmmmm…he reminds me of somone…” πŸ˜‰Β  After seeing that picture I though, “Wow, I love that soup! I haven’t had Amy’s black bean soup in ages.” So can you guess what was for lunch today?

I had a can of Amy’s black bean soup. On the side I had some fresh fruit: cantaloupe (on sale this week !!!), blueberries and strawberries.

There was also a serving of kashi crackers and a laughing cow cheese wedge.

This lunch was filling and balanced! I loved it, especially the fresh fruit!

In Other News:

I am having an “off week”, and I wanted to talk about it and it’s affect on me openly. Fact: I have not worked out since Saturday. Saturday’s workout was less than great too! Remember my bad run? At the beginning of the week, my hamstrings were incredibly sore! Like I had a hard time walking if I was sitting down for a while sore. So, I listened to my body and rested. Yesterday, I had an issue that bought me a visit to the ER. Today, I am feeling tired, uncomfortable and not willing to get to the gym and workout.

I know I should rest because my body has been telling me all week that it is not well, but sometimes it is hard. Mentally, I am happier and feel better when I work out and am moving. But, physically I don’t feel like I want to/should be doing that. I will be honest, taking 4 days off (and seeing the possibility of it being more) does not make me feel great. Although these off weeks barely ever happen to me (once every 6 months or so) this is a struggle for me- just being honest. How do you feel about “off weeks”? Do they happen to you often? Do you struggle with them, or welcome them? Do you ever feel the physical and mental battle during off weeks?


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Hello, hello! Sorry for my lack of posting yesterday. I actually have a really good reason. I spend my morning in the ER yesterday 😦 Luckily, it turns out to be nothing serious, but it was not the most fun experience. I had some “woman issues” that are a little too personal to discuss on my blog. Thanks in advance for respecting my privacy πŸ™‚ Luckily, I have friends in high places in the ER. My bestie May was my nurse πŸ™‚ She took great care of me and is really good at taking blood.

Breakfast was actually non-existent as Adam and I left the house in a little of a rush. By the time I was released, around 2pm, I was ready to eat my own hand. I usually have had two meals by then. Adam and I decided to stop into Subway. May’s fiance Rick and his dad own a Subway on Route 1 on Saugus, MA. Lucky me, I got Rick to make my sandwich!

I got a foot long turkey and American cheese with pickles, banana peppers, spinach and tomatoes.

Look at all those fresh veggies πŸ™‚ I also had a bag of baked lays.

I was so hungry, I ate the whole foot long, which is pretty unusual for me, but I was starving. On the way home, Adam and I stopped for coffee. I had a medium, medium roast with a little vanilla syrup. Adam and I also split a peanut butter bar. IT WAS DIVINE!

I spent the afternoon relaxing. I was tired and uncomfortable. When dinner time came, I wasn’t in the mood for a “real dinner” so I had a cup of Annie’s vanilla and chocolate bunnies (I am a child) with 1 cup of fat free milk and half of a banana.

Adam made himself an egg and cheese sandwich and had a tiny bit ofΒ  egg left over, so I added that to my dinner (topped with hot sauce) for a little protein.

Later on, Adam and I rented Couple’s Retreat and split some popcorn.

We both liked the movie a lot, it had some really cute points and some really funny ones too. I would recommend renting it if you have some free time.

I headed to bed at 10pm and woke up feeling better this morning, thank goodness.

Breakfast was a very delicious bowl of oatmeal.


  • 1/3 of a cup of oats
  • 1/3 of a cup of water
  • 1/3 of a cup of vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2 of a banana
  • a handful of blueberries
  • a handful of sliced strawberries
  • a spoonful of crunchy Barney Butter

I loved the berries and the banana in my oats. Don’t you love the few days after to get groceries and it seems like the options are endless?? Or is that just me?!

While eating my oats, I bit into something crunchy and it freaked me out a little. Until I reviewed the breakfast pictures and realized I had added crunchy Barney Butter and not smooth. Another reason I love blogging πŸ™‚

You better believe there was coffee involved πŸ˜‰

My sentiments exactly,Tink πŸ˜‰

I got to work and was relieved to see I didn’t have a TON of make-up work to take care of πŸ™‚ Around 10 am, I got a little hungry and snacked on a brown rice crispy treat. I forgot how good these were- and so much healthier than regular rice crispy treats!

Today’s outfit:

Aren’t you glad they aren’t blurry anymore?! Although, they are a little dark, but that is because there is poor lighting in that spot and obvi using the flash is not an option.

Black pencil skirt (Target), Black cami (H&M), Black tights (Target), Black and white sweater jacket (BCBG), Black knee high boots (I forget).

Close up of the sweater.

In Other News:

I know all of you are waiting to hear about my opinion on the groceries that got delivered last night! It was pretty great. All of the produce was great, could not have picked them better myself. We actually didn’t really order any meat, our freezer is stocked. Also, unpacking the bags felt a little like Christmas. I totally had forgotten all the fun things we ordered and when I unpacked the bags I got excited. What can I say, I’m a foodie?! I do think I would still prefer to go to the store myself though.

Well, enjoy your Humpday! See you soon πŸ™‚

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Hey everyone! How are all of you doing? I have to admit, I am pooped today. I don’t know why but I am soooo tired. I think it may have something to do with the rain. I looks like rain tomorrow as well, and maybe Wednesday. BOOOO! But, it will all be worth it because Friday, Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be SUPER warm- we are talking high 70’s low 80’s here people πŸ™‚ LOVE IT!!!! Sometimes the crappy stuff in life seems really worth it if you know there are MUCH better things around the corner. That goes for all things in life, not just weather!

Since Adam and I have groceries being delivered tomorrow, we had to order take out for dinner. It was fine with me, I didn’t really feel like cooking anyhow. We ordered from Beauty’s Pizza, our new favorite pizza place πŸ™‚ Β I got a pizza topped with broccoli, red pepper, onions andΒ kalmata olives made with a whole wheat dough.

It was really tasty! I had three small pieces and saved the rest for lunch tomorrow…spoiler alert!!!

Adam and I also split a arugula and romano salad. It was romaine lettuce, arugula, romano cheese, grape tomatoes and olives. I really liked it. I have a think for arugula lately, is it so delicious. I love that it has a lettuce feel, but and herb taste. It makes every salad a little fancy tasting πŸ™‚ I love fancy! I topped it with my own light balsamic dressing. I prefer it to the one that comes with the salad.

Well, I am going to get my breakfast, lunch, work clothes and workout clothes ready for tomorrow. I am meeting a few friends for a little morning Body Pump πŸ™‚ Great way to start of my day! Can’t wait to get all that done and then get in the bed!! I am tired.

PS- I am VERY proud of myself for taking a few days off to rest my sore hamstrings. That is not every easy for me to do, I usually just push through soreness and keep going. Β But I need to really make sure I am taking care of those legs now that I am less than 8 weeks away from my half marathon. Training safe and smart is one of my goals- listening to my body is a huge part of that. I am literally (not even joking) patting myself on the back for that right now. πŸ˜‰ Night!

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Door To Door Service

Hello! How is your Monday going?! Mine is moving right along. I actually worked over the amount of hours I am allowed last week, so I am going to try to cut out early today. Let’s see if I can. Since we are a little low on the food front in the FFF household, I didn’t bring my lunch today. Instead, I met my friend Melissa for lunch as the cafeteria in her work building. I love having a little lunch date! 99.9% of the time I eat lunch at my desk, so it was a welcomed change πŸ™‚

The cafeteria had a giant salad bar, so that is what I got.

My salad contained:

  • Spring Mix
  • Grape tomatoes
  • chickpeas
  • kidney beans
  • green olives
  • cucumbers
  • pimentos
  • artichoke hearts
  • grilled chicken

I topped it with balsamic vinegar! Sometimes, I really just love having only vinegar on a salad, no oil, no dressing.

I also had a side of veggie soup. The cold rainy day had me CRAVING soup and this hot veggie soup really hit the spot.

While working a few hours later, my sweet tooth kicked into high gear. So I grabbed a Kashi dark chocolate oatmeal cookie out of my snack drawer.

These cookies are oh so good!!! I think that was my last one 😦

In Other News:

I actually ordered our groceries from Peapod this morning πŸ™‚ For those of you who don’t know, Peapod is a delivery service that works with Stop and Shop (one of our local grocery stores) that allows you to order your groceries online and have then delivered right to your house. Pretty cool, right? They will actually be delivered tomorrow night between 4pm and 6pm. I have work, then class, then am working at my part-time job after class tomorrow night, and have to spend Wednesday after work working a paper for Thursday night’s class. So, I really could not find a time to get to the store for weekly shopping. Adam will be home tomorrow night to receive the groceries.

I normally prefer to grocery shop myself in person. Since I am pretty much a giant foodie, I actually really like the grocery store a lot. But, since I ordered the groceries online this week it got me thinking about what the pros and cons are for groceries being ordered online and delivered to your door.


  • They get delivered right to you.
  • If you have no car you and normally walk to take public transit to the store, this allows you to order more than you can carry.
  • You see what your grand total is the whole time you are shopping so budgeting is easier.
  • You can see the nutritional information online as you shop.


  • You don’t get to pick your meats and produce like you do at the grocery store.I can be picky about those two things, so this is a big con for me.
  • You have to make sure someone is available during a certain window of time for delivery (usually 2-3 hour window).
  • Some places have a delivery charge.
  • It they are out of something, they don’t replace it with a like product, so you may go without something.

What are your thoughts on groceries being delivered? Can you think of other pros and cons? Have you done it before? If so, how was your experience?

For Adam and I this works for us this week, but I think that it will surely be an every once in a while thing, since I love doing the shopping myself.

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Sore Hams!

Good Monday morning! How did Monday get here so fast?! Well, yesterday, Adam returned home from his golf tournament around noon. I got up to greet him at the door (I missed him so much- a weekend without Adam felt like and eternity!) and it took me a minute to get my legs moving. My hamstrings were STILL sore from Friday night’s Body Pump. I decided to take a rest day, there was no way I should be running or Body Pumping being that sore. I think it it may have something to do with 5 straight minutes of lunges BP 73 has πŸ˜‰

Around 1:30, after Adam was unpacked, we headed to the Warren Tavern for lunch.Β  Since they were still serving brunch, I looked around and saw a zillion Bloody Mary’s, they looked so good, I ordered one πŸ™‚

YUMMMM! I love now spicy Bloody Mary’s are. For lunch, I got the crab cake BLT. I was going to ask for it sans bacon, but for some reason, I really, really wanted bacon. I very rarely crave bacon, but when I do, I have it! I asked for it on wheat bread πŸ™‚

The Tavern has the BEST fries in my opinion! So, whenever I get a sandwich there, I always get fries! DELICIOUS! Eating crab cakes reminded me of sitting outside in Baltimore enjoying crab cakes in the beautiful weather, with the even more beautiful Katy and Anne P.  😦 Miss you girlies!!!

After lunch Adam and I hung around and watched a little basketball. I have a couple Blue Moons- my favorite!

Since we haven’t been to the grocery store in a while, dinner options were not that plentiful. I had a small bowl of Pastina! I have been eating this a lot lately, one of my childhood favorites.

I woke up this morning STILL SORE from Friday’s Body Pump! Good Lord, my hamstrings are sore! What is the deal?! I am now a firm believer that lunges work wonders for the hamstrings! I had a run planned, but think I may to way to sore for it still! Wow! I do plan on going to BP tomorrow morning before work, so I hope my legs feel 100% by then.

Breakfast was a toasted Crunchy Barney Butter and Crofter’s jam sandwich with half of a sliced grapefruit.

I had a lovely bus ride into work πŸ™‚ I chatted the whole way with my friend John. I really love having someone to chat with on the bus, it makes a rainy Monday morning a little bit brighter. On the way to work, I grabbed a grande bold with two pumps of sugar free vanilla and some half and half – my new favorite!

Today’s Outfit:

YAY! How excited are you that my outfit pictures will no longer be blurry????!!! I love me new camera!

Plaid pants (Gap), Gray scoop neck sweater (Forever 21), Whit Ruffle blouse (Target), Brown pointy toe boots (Nine West).

Close up of the top:

Well, I got a lot to do around here! See you guys at lunch! Have a great Monday πŸ™‚

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Hello! I hope you all are having a great Sunday morning! I would like to first wish a Happy Birthday to two very special bloggy friends Katy and Nicole! I hope you girlies have a great day! Much love!

Well, I slept like a baby again last night and woke up feeling so rested. A girl could get used to this πŸ˜‰ This morning I got up at 8am and walked Oscar. It is slightly warmer than it was yesterday, but still chili! What is the deal with this cold weather? Mother Nature missed the “It’s Spring” memo I think. πŸ™‚

So I finally opened the new camera and started playing with it. For those of you who didn’t read the post where I choose my camera, I am now the proud owner of a Panasonic Lumix ZS3. As you can imagine, there is a little learning curve, but I will be playing with it and trying to figure it out over the next few days, so bare with me πŸ™‚ Oh, a special thanks to good friend Dan for helping me out with this. I literally asked Dam 100 questions when trying to figure out what camera to get next. He is my encyclopedia for all things camera and running!

Breakfast (photos shot with the new camera) was a pineapple chobani.

I also had a whole wheat English muffin with crunchy Barney Butter and blueberry jam.

All together now!

I actually love Chobani’s pineapple yogurt. I usually really dislike fruit on the bottom yogurts too, but this one isn’t syrupy and fake tasting, it is actual chunks of pineapple and I loooove that! YUM YUM!

I know you are thinking, were is the coffee. Yup, I had some coffee in my doggy mug. So cute!

Well, I am going to catch up on some of my favorite blogs, get in a workout and go to the grocery store.

See you guys later!

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It Was My Lucky Night

Hey everyone! How was your day? Mine was pretty good! Around 2pm, while catching up with some shows on my DVR, I had lunch. I made a buffalo tuna wrap. I took one can of tuna, mixed it with vegan mayo and buffalo sauce. I put it on a whole wheat tortilla and topped it with lettuce and tomato. I had two pickles on the side πŸ™‚

I actually made a small side salad to have with it, but I got too full to eat it. So I wrapped it up and put it in the fridge for another time. At about 4pm, I got dressed and headed to the gym for a run. Ugh, I had an awful run. Don’t you hate that?! I got the worse stomach cramps, I am not sure why. Once you get a tummy ache while running, it is pretty much all over. I did 3 miles and called it a day. I actually had to stop and walk for 30 seconds 2 or 3 times. I have no idea what the deal was, but it was not a fun time 😦 It was a bad run, it happens now and then. But, it is always so discouraging.

After my run, I returned home and got showered and dressed. My mom, dad and I headed to a fundraiser for a local non-profit. It was a dinner theater show. For dinner I had some salad, pasta and eggplant parm with a small piece of bread.

I ate all of the salad and about 75% of the pasta and eggplant. The food was really good! Dessert was a piece of carrot cake I split with my mom, made by her friend Eileen. It was AWESOME! Part of me wants to ask Eileen for the recipe, the other part knows that consequence of that will be me inhaling a whole carrot cake in one sitting πŸ˜‰

Throughout the night, I sipped on one rather large glass of red wine.

I even won a raffle prize. It was actually the perfect prize for me πŸ™‚ It was the wine gift set. It came with two beautiful wine glasses and a decanter that were both hand painted, a bottle of champagne, a small painting and a wine pourer. Love it! It was my lucky night for sure! I can’t wait to use these my new wine glasses!

Aren’t these beautiful?

Today’s Outfit:

Black and white striped cardigan (H&M), Black short sleeve top (H&M), bootcut jeans (Arden B), Black pointy-toe boots (Nine West), red necklace (My Nana πŸ™‚ ).

Ok, it is clear I need to learn how to use my new camera fast, these blurry outfit pictures are not working for me anymore!!!!

Well, I am going to call it a night, I am such an old lady this weekend…and I have to admit, I kind of love it. See you in the morning! Sleep tight!

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