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Jill Does Lobster!

Hello, hello! I am still trying to get this bloggy up to date! I have been so busy lately that it has been difficult, but let’s jump right in shall we?

Saturday I slept in, like really, really late! My body was exhausted and I really needed the rest. I slept in so late that when I woke up it was far too late for breakfast. So, I had lunch! I had two pieces of leftover pizza from the night before.

Is it just me or is pizza soooooo much better the next day if you heat it up in the oven? Yum Yum!

Around 6pm Adam Jill and I headed to the yacht club Adam’s parents belong to for their annual  Lobster and Chicken Dinner.  You get 1/2 a roasted chicken, a baked potato, salad and 2 pounds of lobster.  It is a pretty good deal. It was my first lobster of the summer!!!

The meal started off with salad, I actually had two bowls…I was really craving veggies:

Look at these little cuties:

They are actually quite frightening looking, now that I look back on it!

Jill had never had lobster so I cracked her’s and got the meat out for her…she was a little shocked at how messy it got (and by shocked I mean totally grossed out!). Eating Lobster is hard work 😉

Jill took her first bite ever of lobster and…..

She liked it!!! YAY!

Here is plate number two:

Clearly this is an intense amount of food!!! I had the claws of both my lobsters (claw meat is the best!) and the tail of one of them. I also had a few bites of chicken and half of the baked potato with sour cream. My meal could have fed three of me 🙂 I drank water the whole night, I was dehydrated from the beer the night before and wanted to make sure I was hydrated and ready for our race the next morning! It was a hot one!!!

Stay tuned for Sunday and Monday recaps!!  🙂


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