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Toxic Fridge

Hello!!!! Well, it is almost the weekend! It is sooooo close I can taste it and it tastes yummy 🙂

Lunch today was a really great salad from the cheapest salad bar I know of. In light of  our fridge mess last night, I decided it would be best to pick up lunch instead of bring it since there where not many options. This salad was awesome.

It contained:

  • Spring mix
  • cucumbers
  • lentils
  • tuna
  • mushrooms
  • chickpeas
  • sprouts
  • black olives
  • pickles
  • tomatoes
  • feta
  • tabouli
  • olive oil, vinegar and black pepper

It was great, looking at the list I realize it had a lot of protein. I must have been craving protein. Guess my body needed it. The mushrooms and pickles were a nice change. They make great salad toppings!

What are your favorite “salad bar toppings”? You know, the ones that are never on the salads you make at home, but you loooooove at salad bars?

Well, I don’t know about you, but our office fridge gets NASTY!!!!

When I saw this sign on the fridge, I rejoiced! This think needs a cleaning bad! How can you mistreat a fridge like this when SOME PEOPLE (points to self) do not have fridges?

(Don’t you love the note written in the corner? HA!)

I checked the fridge to make sure there was nothing I needed to have saved. Not much in there was mine (I am not a one of those people that leaves stuff in the fridge).  But, I did find this ZEN Tazo Tea I brought in Monday! Perfect Friday afternoon drink. I looooove the spearmint flavor!

What was tweeting at work?! NOT ME 🙂

Well, the weekend is almost here! I AM READY!


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Fridge Crisis

I had actually planned on posting last night night, but we had a slight crisis at the Casa De FFF last night.  😦 I will come back to that, so hold tight.

Around 2:30 yesterday I was feeling so sleepy. So, I popped in to DD’s and got a medium coffee with skim milk and 1 pump of pumpkin syrup.

I arrived home and got changed for my workout. Before heading out I had a mini cashew cookie larabar.

Last night the plan was to run the shorter route to the gym, work my legs and triceps and then run home. When I work my legs I usually cut my run down distance wise because I want to be able to still have the strength to work my legs hard.

The “shorter” route actually ended up being not as short as I though. I ran 2.67 in  25:07 minutes and did a great tricep and legs workout.


  • Mile 1- 9:04
  • Mile 2- 9:41
  • .67 Miles- 6:21

Once I got home I hopped in the shower. Upon getting out I discovered that OUR FRIDGE HAD DIED! It was not too, too much of a shock. I had noticed things had been less cold for the last few days. I cranked the dial to make it colder, but I think it finally gave out early yesterday. The milk was sour and  pretty much everything else had gone bad. I was bulls**it (pardon my language). I had just spent a decent amount on groceries a few days ago. On top of that I was starving and there was pretty much nothing left to eat.

Luckily, my landlords (aka FFF Mom and FFF Dad) work fast. My mom and I went over to Best Buy (who has the BEST customer serivce by the way) and picked out a fridge. It should be delivered Monday, until then we are going to have to deal. By the time I got home from Best Buy I was so hungry I actually sat on the couch and cried like a baby. Adam suggested I get myself a pizza.

I got a small veggie pizza and eat 3 small slices right out of the box like a monster, no plate, not napkin.

I saved the other half in a fridge in the basement. I also had my last piece of pumpkin bread for dessert, again, no plate, no napkin.

I slept well last night even though I had a really stressful night. When the alarm clock went off at 5:45 am, I had one of those reactions where for the first few seconds I was in a panic and couldn’t identify what the noise was. When I finally realized it was the alarm clock I got up and suited up for my run with my friend Steph.

It was much chillier than it had been the past few days while I was running. Last night I had on shorts and a tank top, this morning I was in long pants, a tank and a running jacket. What a switch?! This run was not entirely fun. It was a tough one for me. My legs felt like they weight 50 pounds each, probably because I worked them hard and ran less than 12 hours before. Steph wasn’t feeling too hot either. Luckily, we are troopers! It is also easier to finish a bad run when you have a great partner 🙂

We ran 3.84 miles in 39:31  minutes.


  • Mile 1- 10:04
  • Mile 2- 10:10
  • Mile 3- 10:22
  • .84 miles- 8:53

Breakfast had to be something that didn’t have to be refrigerated. So I had whole wheat toast with Barney Butter and banana slices with coffee (half and half was salvaged and kept in the basement fridge).

I was not hungry at all and barely finished half of my breakfast. Now I am starving! I hate when that happens 😦

Today’s Outfit:

Dark skinny jeans ( Paper, Cloth, Denium), Black and white stripped shirt (Ann Taylor Loft circa 2002), black leather belt (God knows I have had it since infancy, I think), Long black cardigan (Target).


Black leather thigh high boots (Chinese Landry- a B-day gift from my bestie May last year).

In Other News:

1. I have FINALLY decided on a Halloween costume! Adam and I will be going as Bonnie and Clyde. 🙂 I have based my costume off of the Faye Dunaway Bonnie because she is so flippin’ glamorous!

Not gonna lie, my costume is pretty awesome and close the this picture. Plus, I only spent $13.30! Say what?! Can’t wait for you guys to see pictures of us!

What are you being for Halloween?!

2. I am getting closer and closer to making it into the Top 20 for the Sam-e Good Mood Blogging Job- closer than I was yesterday. Please keep voting, it literally takes 2 seconds. Click here and click vote! Thanks, loves!

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Hello! I hope you are all having a great Thursday. It feels like Friday to me, even though I know it is not 😦 Oh well, we are close enough, almost at the weekend.

The Dean in my department bought a whole bunch of Halloween candy for the officer yesterday. She is a chocoholic, not to mention completely sweet and adorable! I had two dark chocolate mini reeses, I have been dying to try the dark chocolate version. They are pretty awesome.

After work, I headed to class for a cheery lecture on child abuse. Actually, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Although it was not a fun subject it is important because educators are actually the ones the report the most cases of child abuse, followed by law enforcement.  While in class, I sipped a grande skinny vanilla latte.

After class I took the bus home and then started dinner. This is the first “real” dinner I had made in a while. By “real” dinner I mean a nice, non-quicky meal made for both Adam and I to enjoy together. I can’t remember the last time I made a nice dinner and we sat down and ate together. Guess that is the consequence of having two equally busy people.

I made amazing an healthy baked chicken, here is the recipe:

You will need:

  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 1 egg white
  • 1/2 T of cracked red pepper
  • 1/2 T of water
  • 1/2 T of garlic powder
  • 1/2 a cup of whole wheat flour
  • 1/8 of a cup of whole wheat bread crumbs
  • 1 T of Eathbalance “butter”

What you will do:

  1. Preheat the oven for 400
  2. Coat a cookie sheet with olive oil spray
  3. Mix egg white and water in a bowl
  4. Mix 1/4 T of red pepper, 1/4 T of garlic powder, and 1/8 C of whole wheat bread crumbs
  5. Place the rest of the spices and the flour in a ziplock bag
  6. Shake each piece of chicken in the ziplock and shake, shake, shake
  7. Dip the chicken into the egg white and water mix
  8. Coat the chicken the breadcrumb mixture
  9. Place chicken on the cookie sheet and top each piece with 1/2 T of Earth Balance
  10. Cook for 9 minutes and then flip and cook for 9 more minutes.
  11. Enjoy!

One the side I made some parmesan couscous and steamed fresh green beans.

Adam and I got into a huge couscous debate last night. I made it for dinner a few weeks ago and he didn’t like it. I thought maybe he just didn’t like the flavor. So this time, I made it parmesan flavored. He still hated it 😦 Direct quote, “It tastes like cardboard.” I actually really like it.

Have you tried couscous? Do you like it? Do you agree with me and think it is yummy or do you agree with Adam that it tastes like cardboard?

Are you on Team Ali?

or Team Adam?

Dessert was Pumpkin Bread:

We spent the rest of the night catching up on Glee and How I Me Your Mother. Two of my favorites!

Breakfast this morning was kind of a repeat of yesterday.  I have been soooo into oatmeal lately. I had hemp oatmeal with 1/2 of a banana topped with cinnamon and brown sugar. Adam polished off the half and half yesterday and didn’t replace it, which is pretty much a mortal sin in our house. However, he is amazing and redeemed myself by offering to run to my favorite coffee shop and get me a medium medium roast coffee with vanilla syrup and half and half. Have I mentioned I love this man, even if he does hate my couscous?

Lunch was eaten at a normal time today- hooray! I had a turkey, mustard and spinach sandwich on whole wheat tuscan bread with an apple (from apple picking) and baked salt and vinegar chips.

Today’s Outfit:

Khaki wide leg pants (H&M), Green T-shirt (Target), Floral Scarf (Target). Sorry it’s blurry.


Brown Suede Flats.

In Other News:

I have fallen way behind the top 20 (where I need to be) 😦 Please take the 2 seconds to vote for me. Not filling out anything or giving your e-mail just click the link and click vote. Thanks SOOOOOOOO much for the support.

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Book Worm’s Dream

Thanks for all the e-mails about my last post. Although I did receive more than 10 e-mails from readers saying I am probably pregnant, I assure you that is not the case 🙂

I think it was dehydration. After thinking about the day, I had enough water throughout the day for sure. But, I didn’t really drink any while working out and I think that was the issue. It was actually pretty unseasonably humid on Boston yesterday and I had run two miles outside before I worked out. Since it has been colder lately I just don’t think my body was used to the humidity that combined with not drinking any water while running or lifting seem to be the culprit, if I had to guess. I will monitor how I am feeling next time and make sure I drink water while working out.

Lunch today was a different kind of salad. I had a some of the red beans and rice that I made on Sunday night leftover and wanted to use them up. But, there wasn’t enough got it to be a full meal. So I decided to eat it with a salad. I made a simple salad of spring mix, cucumbers, red peppers and tomatoes and added the rice and beans, reduced fat cheddar and avocado. I made a super easy dressing with some leftover plain Greek yogurt and some hot organic salsa. It was an amazingly healthy version of a Taco Salad 🙂

It was a great use of leftovers 🙂

In Other News:

1. I signed myself, Adam and Oscar up for the Doggy 5k on November 13th in South Boston.I am excited to “run” this as a family. Obviously, this is going to be the definition of a “fun run” since there is no way this little guy can keep up with Adam and I’s normal speed.

I hope he makes the whole thing and we don’t have a repeat of this little dramatic incident.

2. I discovered the book worm’s (cough, cough- ME) dream! Did you guys know about Google Books? I just discovered it, you can read pretty lengthy previews of  books on Google Books FOR FREE!!! How did I not know about this? The book I want to read next is actually on here too! YIPPE!!!!

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Unexplained Nausea

Hello! Sorry I was absent minded yesterday. It was just one of those days. I realized not only did I forget to get a picture of my morning coffee and my lunch but I forgot to post my outfit as well. I did however, get a picture of it.

Yesterday’s Outfit:

Dark jeans (Gap), black cami (H&M), gray stripped wrap sweater (gift from my mom).


Tooled Danskos.

After work last night, I had a great workout. Before I worked out I had a mini cherry larabar.

Since my day was so busy, I knew a great workout would help relieve the stress. I ran to the gym and back. While at the gym I worked my shoulders, back and abs. During my weight training I got nauseous a few time and had to take a break. It was so strange. I am not sure what the issue was. My guesses are:

  • I didn’t fuel properly?
  • I didn’t hydrate properly?
  • A fluke?
  • I am still not 100% well after feeling sick this past weekend?

Have you ever gotten nauseous during a workout? Did you figure out the cause? If you did, what was it?

I ran 2.71 miles in  26.24 minutes. I thought the distance was strange, because last time I ran the same exact route it was 3.17 miles. I think I have have paused the garmin at one of the zillion traffic lights I hit and not started it again for some time. Who knows?


  • Mile 1– 9:38
  • Mile 2- 9:59
  • .71 miles- 6:45

Dinner last night was a turkey, spinach and roasted red pepper spread sandwich on whole wheat Tuscan bread. On the side I had 1/2 of a  streamed zucchini (I was craving veggies, I don’t think I had enough yesterday) and some baked salt and vinegar chips.

It was yummy and satisfying. For dessert, I had a slice of pumpkin bread made by my beautiful friend Belle. I ate it in bed while reading (shhhhh don’t tell Adam, he hates when I eat in bed).

I slept like a baby last night, and had a hard time getting up this morning because it was raining, Adam had the day off and was staying in bed and Oscar was sooo snuggley. It is so hard to get up when all those things are going to, but I managed! I am a trooper 😉

Breakfast was yummy hemp oatmeal with 1/2 of a banana topped with cinnamon and brown sugar. Coffee on the side.

Warm breakfast on a  rainy day= happiness. 🙂

Today’s Outfit:

Black wide leg chinos (H&M), white long sleeved top (Target), printed scarf (Target).


Purple Nine West flats.

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See you all later on 🙂

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Other Things on My Mind…

Hello! I have been so busy today they I never got the chance to publish this post that I have been working on last night and this morning.

Last night, after work I headed to meet my mom so we could go together to our family girls night. We had so much fun together at my wedding and decided we did not see each other enough. So my Aunt Ann (the super planner) decided to plan a dinner date for all the girls on my dad’s side of the family once a month to catch up. It was an amazing idea! Last month I was not able to go because the dinner was held on a Wednesday and I had class, but this month it was moved to a Monday! YAY! So at 6:30 pm my mom and I drove to Abbondanza to meet the girls.

There ended up being 6 of us at dinner, which was great. There were a few that couldn’t make it. Upon arrival I ordered a glass of pinot nior (I had two over the course of the night).

I had a piece of pizza bread while looking over the menu. Come to think of it, I think I had two small pieces.

My first course as a salad that I topped with oil and balsamic vinegar.

My meal was a pasta primavera with whole wheat pasta, marinara sauce and seasonal veggies.

I was so good. They make their own pasta there so it is extra fresh and yummy. Pasta is my favorite food!

Everyone’s food looked so good. My mom got the lobster and scallop fettuccine

My aunt Barbara got the grilled sword fish.

My mom and I also split a creme brulee for dessert. It was fantastic! It is my mom’s favorite.

Dinner was so great! Great, food, great wine, even better company. We talked about everything, our careers, relationships and our neurotic cleaning routines- being clean freaks is kind of a family trait.

Case and Point- my cousin Melody brought us all hand sanitizers as “party favors”

I love spending time with the ladies in my family and am so grateful my Aunt Ann took the initiative to set dinners up once a month!

From left to right: myself, Aunt Martha, Mom, Aunt Barbara May, my cousins Robin and Melody. There are a few missing. Hopefully we can get everyone together soon. 🙂

Do you have little traditions with your family? How often do you see them? Do you have once a month meetings like us?

I ended up getting home around 10:00 pm last night so I decided to just go right to bed without blogging. While mommy and nana were out, Oscar was spending time at my parent’s house with his Papa. He managed to cause a lot of destruction.  Note the stains (from bones), shoes everywhere and the dead dog toy that doesn’t even belong to him in the first place. Oh Oscar!

Breakfast this morning was pretty simple. I was craving cereal and milk. I had some kashi cinnamon squares with fat free organic milk, a banana and black berries. I also had coffee with half and half, but never took a picture. Sorry! 

Talking about never taking a picture. I totally forgot to take a picture of my lunch until I had a few bites left. I had some of the Mexican mix leftovers from Sunday night.  Old picture, same food.

I did remember to take a picture of the grapes I had on the side before eating those.

Sorry for being lax today. It is not like me to slip up and forget pictures. I guess I had been busy and have a lot of my mid 🙂

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See you all later on.

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Well I have recently received two questions that I actually get often and I thought I would try to address them both.

The first question came via e-mail:

In the past few days you have taken rest days because you felt sick. I agree that this is smart. However, I was wondering how often you take then when you are feeling well. Also, when you were in the weight loss phase did you take any rest days? Od did you just focus on burning calories, right?

Okay, to answer this question in parts. I usually take 2 rest days a week  if I am well.  But that is not a hard fast “rule” sometimes I need more. When I was loosing weight I absolutely did take rest days. Rest days are super important. Here are a few reasons why rest is important and why I rest- it is good to remind myself why they are important as well 🙂

  • Even if you don’t feel the lethargy, a rest day will affect similar to a long weekend break from a work. You should feel refreshed once you return to your workout routine.
  • Exercise causes micro trauma to muscles, which is why you feel soreness. Your muscles get stronger when they repair themselves during rest.
  • When you don’t allow your body the proper recover time, the wear that doesn’t have time to repair will become weak links and make you significantly more prone to injury.

The second question was a comment on the last post and I get this question all the time:

How do you drape your scarf like that?  I cannot do it.  It’s a skill I lack for sure  Any advise would be much appreciated.

It is soooo easy. Please bear with me on the pictures, it is hard to do while taking pictures of yourself.

Step 1: Fold your scarf in half so that it looks like a triangle.

Step 2: Place the scarf, point down, round neck and wrap the sides around.

Step 3: Adjust the scarf so it looks nice by pulling the middle down and little. And…you are all set 🙂

Hope those answers help!!!!

Lunch today was a simple salad: spring mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, tuna, peppers and goddess dressing.

Lunch looked like this, water, salad, book! I also worked on this post.

There was also an afternoon coffee: medium coffee, skim milk and 1 pump of pumpkin syrup.

Well, I am leaving work and then headed to my part-time job to work a little and then having dinner with my mom, aunts and cousins on my dad’s side! So excited to see everyone! Woop!

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