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Well, Then

Hiya!!! I hope your afternoon has been awesome! Mine has been great. Thanks for all the complements on my fun rain boots in my last post.  I have located them online if you want to purchase them, here it is. Unfortunately, they are $69 on the site. I know I payed much less for them at an outlet 😦  I DO love that they are called the “BADBOY” though!

Lunch was delicious left overs. I had a turkey burger (this one was not stuffed though 😦 ) on a whole wheat sandwich thin with honey mustard and laughing cow cheese. On the side I had a salad of spring mix, tomato, red peppers, cucumbers and of course Goddess dressing- because I am in love with it 🙂

In Other News:

I wanted to introduce you all to WellThen.org.

It is a Wellness Community that I will be participating in and recently created a few vlogs (video blogs). My video on “How to find time for exercise” is featured on their homepage right now and my video  “What gets me off the couch and moving”  is also on their site (please excuse my wet hair, I taped the videos after being caught in a rain storm 😦 ). You can see many other videos and conversations on Well, Then on topics ranging from how to relieve stress to living with heart disease. It is a great community and resource. I will be vlogging andblogging on this site occasionally.

* I would like to add that Harvard Pilgrim has empowered me to participate  and that I have been compensated.

What topics would you like to see vlogs or blogs about on this site?


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Hello! Well, it is Wednesday, which means we are one day closer to a long weekend. That is something to celebrate, no? Well, I am SURE you will be surprised to find out it is yet ANOTHER rainy day in Boston. Luckily, the meteorologists are saying it should be gone by tonight. I really hope they have it right because I am getting pretty sick of dreary, windy and cold weather.

Last night after work I got changed and went for a 3 mile run and to the gym to lift weights. I was not looking forward to the run because although my legs really wanted to be moving the idea of whipping winds in my face made me not so excited. At any rate, I went for the run because I knew my body wanted it and you know what- the winds calmed down and I enjoyed every step 🙂 Sometimes things just workout.

Here is my workout:


  • 3 sets of 12 push-ups
  • 3 sets of 12 chest flies (machine) with 15 lbs.
  • 3 sets of 15chest presses (machine) with 15 lbs.


  • 3 sets of 12 curls with 15 lb.  dumbbells
  • 3 set of 12 curls with a 20 lb. straight bar
  • 3 sets of 12 concentration curls (machine) with 15 lbs.


  • 75 crunches
  • 3 sets of 12 standing side bends with a 20 lb. kettle ball (obliques)
  • 3 sets of 10 leg raises using body weight on a slightly slanted bench.

The run was 3.13 miles, which I did in 29:54.


  • Mile 1- 9:35
  • Mile 2- 9:20
  • Mile 3- 9:47

Unfortunately, when I got home I realized I had left my camera at work- FAIL. So all my pictures from last night and this morning are iPhone ones. They are not great quality but better than nothing.

Dinner was made by Adam while I was in the shower. I love when he makes dinner, less work for me and it just tastes better. He made cheddar stuffed turkey burgers and sweet potato fries.

I topped my burger tomato, avocado and lettuce and enjoyed it on a while wheat sandwich thin.

I loved biting into the burger and having a little cheddar ooze out. My husband is simply brilliant.  : )

Dessert was the last three dark chocolate pumpkin cookies. I was sad to see these go, I am going to have to whip up another batch of these soon.

This morning I woke up and walked Oscar in the freezing cold rain! Blah! The only thing I wanted after that was oatmeal.  Whenever it is cold and rainy all I want is oatmeal. I made banana oats and topped them with fresh strawberries, cinnamon and brown sugar, obviously there was coffee involved as well.

After a long wet trek to work I arrived and was reunited with my camera! 🙂 I missed my camera so much.

Too much?! Maybe, but that is now I felt 🙂

Today’s Outfit:

Dark skinny jeans (TJ Maxx), Black t-shirt (Target), Gray wide sleeved v-neck pull over (Gap).


By the way I am lived these motorcycle inspired  rain boots.

What is one thing or person you would like to be reunited with?

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