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I Have Flaws

Heyo!!! We are cruising right into our weekend soon! I have an hour and a half left of work and I am free!!!! 🙂 Not that I dislike my job at all, I actually quite like it. But, I just am ready for a weekend, that is all.

Lunch today was bitter sweet. I moved offices and jobs (within the same school) about 2 and a half months ago. Before the move I worked at my old office for a little over 2 years. While there I made many friends 🙂 I have made friends in my new office as well. I am super lucky to have really sweet and friendly co-workers. Well, my good friend Jill from my old office is leaving today 😦 She just finished her Master’s Degree and got a great new job! Yay, Jill!!! But, we are sad to see her go. We had a delicious pizza lunch in her honor, with pizza from her favorite place Sal’s .

I had a small piece of veggie and a big piece of buffalo chicken.

and a soft delicious chocolate chip cookie.

It was great to see co-workers and a lot of people came by to wish Jill Good Luck.

Bye Jill! Good Luck, girlie!!!!

On my way back to my office I grabbed a tall nonfat latte.

Today, I got am e-mail from a reader asking me a few questions and at the end telling me that I seemed “perfect” and asking if I had any flaws. I laughed to myself and thought, I have many, many flaws. I guess sometimes it is hard to see blogger’s flaws. After all, we all put our best foot forward. By this I don’t mean that we lie by any means, I feel like my blog is very much true to who I am. But, we don’t really openly point out of flaws and advertise them for the world to see.

So I thought in response I would share some of my flaws:

  1. I  exaggerate. Not about important things or to create drama, but about silly things. I will say things like, “The rat I saw was the size of Oscar.” When in reality I have NEVER seen a dachshund size rat in my life.  (Thank God!)
  2. I can be abrasive and confrontational, especially if someone is screwing with someone I care about.
  3. Although I am a very good friend, I can be tough and sometimes tell it like I see it a little too much. My girlfriends always joke that they love this about me, but I secretly think they don’t.
  4. I cannot be on time to save my life.
  5. I don’t recycle nearly as much as I should.
  6. I am indecisive about the simplest things, but am able to make major life decisions in a split second and never regret it.
  7. I hate doing laundry so much I wait until it gets out of control before I even think about doing it.
  8. I write about health but don’t go to the dentist, like ever. I had 4 teeth pulled at once when I was eight years old and have been traumatized since. Since my mom has no longer been in charge of making my appointments for a long time, I think I have gone 3 times in the last 10 years.
  9. I buy maternity shirts all the time because I like the length. In fact, I am wearing one today.
  10. I am a total Social Media junkie (I like to call it a passion, but let’s face it- I am a total  junkie).
  11. I am intensely impatient when I am hungry.
  12. I cannot spell for beans.
  13. If someone I care about is mad at me, I can’t function until we are on good terms again.
  14. I can completely lack common sense at times, but get super offended when people point it out.
  15. I can’t stand people that lack common sense.
  16. I am gullible.
  17. I am far too hard on myself.
  18. I am bad with money, not overspending or anything. I just don’t care about it. Adam handles our fiances and I secretly don’t even know the password to log in a see how much money we have. (Not so secretly anymore. Oops- Adam is going to be annoyed. LOVE YOU, BABE).
  19. I get too attached to people and have the worst time with goodbyes.
  20. I am much more sensitive than I let on. My feelings can be hurt easily.

What are some of your flaws?


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Woop! It’s Friday! I am excited about having a weekend. I have a few plans nothing crazy- which is the way I like it. I hate when I am super busy all weekend rushing around and I don’t like not having any plans either. This weekend is a good balance and I love that!

Last night after work, I headed to the gym. I did a 2 mile treadmill run in 19:00 minutes (9:30 pace).  I really don’t like the treadmill, but I am trying to get myself used to running on it again. In the winter, I can handle pretty cold temps, but I have slipped on ice while running alone and although I have a Road ID and run with my phone often, I am still a little scared about running alone in the dark in the winter. So I have been doing one treadmill run a week to get used to it. I make the treadmill runs my short ones that I do when I am working my legs because at this point I don’t think I can mentally handle more than 20 minutes on the treadmill.  I also did a killer legs and tricep workout.

When I arrived home I was ready for dinner! I had a totally random dinner. Nothing on my plate really “went with” anything else but it was so delicious. I had left over chicken sausage, peppers and onions, with steamed zucchini, and a garlicky brown rice and quinoa mix.  I also had some roasted chickpeas that I roasted up quick while I was showering. I had them left over from the can I opened for my salad earlier this week.

It looks like I went to one of those weird Las Vegas Buffets where you can get pizza and sushi at the same time. It was random and delicious! I love meals like that, and I still have leftover rice and roasted chickpeas 🙂

Dessert was something Adam brought home for my from a party at my in-laws. I asked him what it was and he told me he didn’t know.  So I just gave t a try.

So what was it?! I don’t know, but it was AWESOME! It was pumpkin something. It has a really strong pumpkin taste and was super creamy too. Can one of my lovely sister-in-laws come on and comments on this masterpiece and let us all know what this heavenly dessert was?

I went to bed at around 9:30 last night. I have been going to bed early lately and it has been making for really great and productive days! I hope I can keep it up. I am not a morning person, but going to bed early has really helped. For some reason I really, really want to be a morning person. The grass is always greener, right?

Breakfast this morning was pretty awesome. I have been really into grilled breakfasts lately since my epic grilled breakfast sandwich from last week. So this morning I though I would make my normal waffle sandwich (2 whole wheat waffles, Barney Butter, 1/2 a banana) and grill it on the Forman. The result: Crunchy, creamy deliciousness!

I will be making this again 🙂 I also had a cappuccino. I had it brewing while I was making my bed and forgot about it, so it came out huge! WHOOPS! I guess I will just have to drink it…too bad. 😉

Today’s Outfit:

Dark Matchstick Jeans (J Crew), White long shirt (Ny&Co.), Argyle sweater vest (Gap).


Brown suede flats.

This song just come on my Pandora, I forgot about it and used to love it. I will be adding it to my running playlist 🙂

Thanks for all your support so far!!!! You guys ROCK! Please Continue to vote. Thanks soooooooo Much ♥

What is your favorite song to workout to?


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