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Other Things on My Mind…

Hello! I have been so busy today they I never got the chance to publish this post that I have been working on last night and this morning.

Last night, after work I headed to meet my mom so we could go together to our family girls night. We had so much fun together at my wedding and decided we did not see each other enough. So my Aunt Ann (the super planner) decided to plan a dinner date for all the girls on my dad’s side of the family once a month to catch up. It was an amazing idea! Last month I was not able to go because the dinner was held on a Wednesday and I had class, but this month it was moved to a Monday! YAY! So at 6:30 pm my mom and I drove to Abbondanza to meet the girls.

There ended up being 6 of us at dinner, which was great. There were a few that couldn’t make it. Upon arrival I ordered a glass of pinot nior (I had two over the course of the night).

I had a piece of pizza bread while looking over the menu. Come to think of it, I think I had two small pieces.

My first course as a salad that I topped with oil and balsamic vinegar.

My meal was a pasta primavera with whole wheat pasta, marinara sauce and seasonal veggies.

I was so good. They make their own pasta there so it is extra fresh and yummy. Pasta is my favorite food!

Everyone’s food looked so good. My mom got the lobster and scallop fettuccine

My aunt Barbara got the grilled sword fish.

My mom and I also split a creme brulee for dessert. It was fantastic! It is my mom’s favorite.

Dinner was so great! Great, food, great wine, even better company. We talked about everything, our careers, relationships and our neurotic cleaning routines- being clean freaks is kind of a family trait.

Case and Point- my cousin Melody brought us all hand sanitizers as “party favors”

I love spending time with the ladies in my family and am so grateful my Aunt Ann took the initiative to set dinners up once a month!

From left to right: myself, Aunt Martha, Mom, Aunt Barbara May, my cousins Robin and Melody. There are a few missing. Hopefully we can get everyone together soon. 🙂

Do you have little traditions with your family? How often do you see them? Do you have once a month meetings like us?

I ended up getting home around 10:00 pm last night so I decided to just go right to bed without blogging. While mommy and nana were out, Oscar was spending time at my parent’s house with his Papa. He managed to cause a lot of destruction.  Note the stains (from bones), shoes everywhere and the dead dog toy that doesn’t even belong to him in the first place. Oh Oscar!

Breakfast this morning was pretty simple. I was craving cereal and milk. I had some kashi cinnamon squares with fat free organic milk, a banana and black berries. I also had coffee with half and half, but never took a picture. Sorry! 

Talking about never taking a picture. I totally forgot to take a picture of my lunch until I had a few bites left. I had some of the Mexican mix leftovers from Sunday night.  Old picture, same food.

I did remember to take a picture of the grapes I had on the side before eating those.

Sorry for being lax today. It is not like me to slip up and forget pictures. I guess I had been busy and have a lot of my mid 🙂

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See you all later on.


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