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Toxic Fridge

Hello!!!! Well, it is almost the weekend! It is sooooo close I can taste it and it tastes yummy 🙂

Lunch today was a really great salad from the cheapest salad bar I know of. In light of  our fridge mess last night, I decided it would be best to pick up lunch instead of bring it since there where not many options. This salad was awesome.

It contained:

  • Spring mix
  • cucumbers
  • lentils
  • tuna
  • mushrooms
  • chickpeas
  • sprouts
  • black olives
  • pickles
  • tomatoes
  • feta
  • tabouli
  • olive oil, vinegar and black pepper

It was great, looking at the list I realize it had a lot of protein. I must have been craving protein. Guess my body needed it. The mushrooms and pickles were a nice change. They make great salad toppings!

What are your favorite “salad bar toppings”? You know, the ones that are never on the salads you make at home, but you loooooove at salad bars?

Well, I don’t know about you, but our office fridge gets NASTY!!!!

When I saw this sign on the fridge, I rejoiced! This think needs a cleaning bad! How can you mistreat a fridge like this when SOME PEOPLE (points to self) do not have fridges?

(Don’t you love the note written in the corner? HA!)

I checked the fridge to make sure there was nothing I needed to have saved. Not much in there was mine (I am not a one of those people that leaves stuff in the fridge).  But, I did find this ZEN Tazo Tea I brought in Monday! Perfect Friday afternoon drink. I looooove the spearmint flavor!

What was tweeting at work?! NOT ME 🙂

Well, the weekend is almost here! I AM READY!


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Fridge Crisis

I had actually planned on posting last night night, but we had a slight crisis at the Casa De FFF last night.  😦 I will come back to that, so hold tight.

Around 2:30 yesterday I was feeling so sleepy. So, I popped in to DD’s and got a medium coffee with skim milk and 1 pump of pumpkin syrup.

I arrived home and got changed for my workout. Before heading out I had a mini cashew cookie larabar.

Last night the plan was to run the shorter route to the gym, work my legs and triceps and then run home. When I work my legs I usually cut my run down distance wise because I want to be able to still have the strength to work my legs hard.

The “shorter” route actually ended up being not as short as I though. I ran 2.67 in  25:07 minutes and did a great tricep and legs workout.


  • Mile 1- 9:04
  • Mile 2- 9:41
  • .67 Miles- 6:21

Once I got home I hopped in the shower. Upon getting out I discovered that OUR FRIDGE HAD DIED! It was not too, too much of a shock. I had noticed things had been less cold for the last few days. I cranked the dial to make it colder, but I think it finally gave out early yesterday. The milk was sour and  pretty much everything else had gone bad. I was bulls**it (pardon my language). I had just spent a decent amount on groceries a few days ago. On top of that I was starving and there was pretty much nothing left to eat.

Luckily, my landlords (aka FFF Mom and FFF Dad) work fast. My mom and I went over to Best Buy (who has the BEST customer serivce by the way) and picked out a fridge. It should be delivered Monday, until then we are going to have to deal. By the time I got home from Best Buy I was so hungry I actually sat on the couch and cried like a baby. Adam suggested I get myself a pizza.

I got a small veggie pizza and eat 3 small slices right out of the box like a monster, no plate, not napkin.

I saved the other half in a fridge in the basement. I also had my last piece of pumpkin bread for dessert, again, no plate, no napkin.

I slept well last night even though I had a really stressful night. When the alarm clock went off at 5:45 am, I had one of those reactions where for the first few seconds I was in a panic and couldn’t identify what the noise was. When I finally realized it was the alarm clock I got up and suited up for my run with my friend Steph.

It was much chillier than it had been the past few days while I was running. Last night I had on shorts and a tank top, this morning I was in long pants, a tank and a running jacket. What a switch?! This run was not entirely fun. It was a tough one for me. My legs felt like they weight 50 pounds each, probably because I worked them hard and ran less than 12 hours before. Steph wasn’t feeling too hot either. Luckily, we are troopers! It is also easier to finish a bad run when you have a great partner 🙂

We ran 3.84 miles in 39:31  minutes.


  • Mile 1- 10:04
  • Mile 2- 10:10
  • Mile 3- 10:22
  • .84 miles- 8:53

Breakfast had to be something that didn’t have to be refrigerated. So I had whole wheat toast with Barney Butter and banana slices with coffee (half and half was salvaged and kept in the basement fridge).

I was not hungry at all and barely finished half of my breakfast. Now I am starving! I hate when that happens 😦

Today’s Outfit:

Dark skinny jeans ( Paper, Cloth, Denium), Black and white stripped shirt (Ann Taylor Loft circa 2002), black leather belt (God knows I have had it since infancy, I think), Long black cardigan (Target).


Black leather thigh high boots (Chinese Landry- a B-day gift from my bestie May last year).

In Other News:

1. I have FINALLY decided on a Halloween costume! Adam and I will be going as Bonnie and Clyde. 🙂 I have based my costume off of the Faye Dunaway Bonnie because she is so flippin’ glamorous!

Not gonna lie, my costume is pretty awesome and close the this picture. Plus, I only spent $13.30! Say what?! Can’t wait for you guys to see pictures of us!

What are you being for Halloween?!

2. I am getting closer and closer to making it into the Top 20 for the Sam-e Good Mood Blogging Job- closer than I was yesterday. Please keep voting, it literally takes 2 seconds. Click here and click vote! Thanks, loves!

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