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Busy, Busy!

Sorry I have not had time to post this week. This is been one of my busiest (and therefor stressful) weeks in a LONG TIME! Everything that I am juggling just requires a ton of attention this week. I plan on having some posting time tomorrow! Please stayed tuned and thanks for your patience!!!



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New Obesssion!

Hello! Well the weekend is just about upon us! Yes! Earlier today I was reading Katie’s blog and saw the Sally Hansen nail polish strips. I had to go to the drug store anyhow to get shampoo and I saw them staring at me. I was so intrigued I thought I would give them a try. I really wanted the leopard print ones, but they were all out. I did get this fun spring purple though!

It was super easy to do, I did it on my lunch break (took me 5 minutes). I still had time to eat this:

(leftovers from last night).

Buy this:

(and only drink half since my eyes are ALWAYS bigger than my tummy- no more venti for me).

And- write this post you are reading! All in a hour! They look great!

I am curious to see how long they last. It seems a little too good to be true. Sally knows though- I hope she proves me wrong. I will admit, if these stay on for even 5 days, they will be my new obsession!!!

What are your new obsessions?

Ps. Pauline won my Beach Bootcamp Giveway!!! YAY! I was kind of excited that she won since she has been reading for I while and I bumped into her and got to meet her in person this past weekend. Congrats to the beautiful Pauline- get ready for some Bootcamp, girl!

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FFF By Numbers

Morning! It’s Friday- in case you hadn’t heard! 😉 My sleeping was a little wonky last night. I had a hard time falling asleep at first, then Adam got home from work at 1am and I was up for about an hour after that. Just less hours and more interrupted, I guess. Luckily, Adam had the day of and could drive me into work so I got some extra z’s.

Breakfast was a green monster smoothie and a whole wheat blueberry mini muffin I had baked in January and froze. Just nuke the muffin for 30 seconds and it’s good to go!

I had a cup of coffee out of my I heart NY mug 🙂 Now that instead of dreading my NYC Half marathon I am excited about it, this mug is being put to good use!

Today’s Outfit:

  • Dark Boot cup jeans- Gap
  • White Tank- H&M
  • Gray cardigan- Express
  • Tribal printed scarf – World Market
  • Tan Flats- Tory Burch


Here is a little Friday fun for you! Remember the ABC’s of FFF post I did? Well, here is a little FFF By Numbers for you, just for a little something different.

1- Number of times I have been in love.

2- Number of half marathons I am registered for this year.

3- Number of years it will have taken me to complete my M.Ed in School Counseling (almost there!!!).

4- Number of job titles I currently hold (awesomesauce!).

5- Number of cousins I have on my dad’s side (not all pictured here- but there are some of my lovely aunts mixed in this picture too- oh and the beautiful FFF mom).

6- My ring size (I was a 7 before I lost my 35 pounds).

7- Number of bridesmaids I had in my wedding. What a stunning bunch too!

8- My shoe size. Although, it is more like a 7.5 now…do feet shrink?

9- Age I was when I started going to overnight camp. I was scared to death to be away from home. But I loved it and went for a month every summer for 6 years! By the way, that is me on the right with the green shorts and knobby knees, bestie May is right next to me.

10- Number of races I will run this year!

11- Number of nieces and nephews I have. Well, the breakdown is actually 10 nephews 1 niece. This photo is missing the three oldest boys. The oldest will be 21 next month. Yay! “Project Auntie Ali Plans a Pub Crawl” is in full effect!

12- Age I was when I got braces (side note- 18 was the age I was when I got that off. That was bullsh*t!).

(Please excuse bestie May’s appearence- that was a “Miss Ugly Pageant” at camp. We lost because even with teased hair and a messed up face- she is still gorgeous.)

13- Number of pairs of Nike Tempo Shorts I own. That is 13 and counting!!!!

14- My Lucky Number!

(That is my friend Suzanne and I in High School- 14 is her number too!).

15- Age I was when I started dating my handsome husband!

Well there you have it! 1-15 and what they all mean to me. What do all these numbers mean for you? It is a fun game to play because you get to learn a little something about everyone!

In Other News:

1. Local readers- check out my free month of bootcamp giveaway. You have until 4pm to enter…so hurry the heck up!

2. Here is my newest Patch article for 31 ways to get healthier in under 10 minutes!!!!

Later Gators!

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First to Finish!

Hello, hello! I hope you have all had an outstanding day. Mine is finally winding down. I had a busy day and evening, let me catch you up 🙂

Lunch was 2 cups of low sodium creamy tomato soup with a golden delicious apple and whole wheat crackers with laughing cow.

I know you may get sick of looking at soup, but once it stops feeling like winter- I will cut back on the soup (maybe 😉 ). It is a good filling lunch and I love when my lunch comes in parts it makes it more fun to ate 🙂

In the afternoon I needed a little caffeine if I was going to get through my busy evening. I got a venti iced skinny vanilla latte.

After work I when to my part-time job to meet with a customer. It was a great meeting and she had the more adorable little boy that kept me laughing throughout the meeting 🙂 What a little cutie!

After the meeting I headed home and got changed for my workout. I had about 45 minutes so I did some laundry (what else is new?) and had a pre-workout snack of a whole wheat sandwich thin with 1 tablespoon of plain hummus. Great mix of protein and complex carbs.

Crossfit was freaking awesome tonight!!! I hate to brag, but I was the first in the class to finish the workout. This is pretty big for me because when I first started I couldn’t even finish the workouts!

Here is the workout:


Bench Press 5×5- max 60 pounds

Overhead Squat 5×5- max 30 pounds

4 Rounds for time
5 Rope Climb Ascents- I did a modification because I don’t have a full rope climb yet.
10 GHD Situps ( hanging situps)
5 Lap Farmers Carry (walking back and forth across the room with a 28 pound kettle bell in each hand)
5 Dead hang pullups

I finished all 4 rounds in 14:40!!! WOOP! I felt amazing after!!!!

After the gym, I came right home and made myself some dinner. I had about 1/2 (dry) of quinoa left that needed to be used up so I cooked that.

While that was cooking I stir-fried firm tofu, broccoli, sugar snap peas (my new obsesssion) and about 1/2 of a red bell pepper. This made about 3 servings- I am so excited for leftovers!!! Tofu is always better the next day in my opinion. I used some spicy asian sauce and low sodium soy.

I added half of the quinoa and 1/3 of the stir-fry- perfect amount!

Dessert: two squares of dark chocolate with sea salt.

Well, I am going to watch the Jersey Shore season finale 😦 and do a little more laundry before bed. Night, my loves!

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The 13.1 Verdict…

Hello! I want to start by thanking all of you for your tweets, comments, e-mails and messages regarding my last post. I read every single word from every one of you and thought a lot about all of them. It was great to read your advice and all of you experiences with feeling the same way. Seems like many of you while having the same experience have thought there were different causes.

When I left work last night I went straight home to talk with my husband about the race and what has been going on. He is well aware of the difficulties I have been having, but we haven’t really discussed it in the context of this upcoming race. There was a lot of talking (and there were some tears on my part).  After much thought and consideration, I have decided to do the race. Adam gave me a clear and easy “out” if I wanted it. But, in the end I didn’t.  Here are my reasons for this decision:

  1. After looking at the route, it looks scenic and pretty fun. It would be a great way to see a part of NYC that I may never have gotten the chance to see.
  2. The race is “walker friendly” meaning that when I need to walk, I can – no biggy. 🙂
  3. I am running it for fun. The fact that I will not beat or even match my first Half Marathon time is fine. I am doing the race Garmin-free without worrying about time and focusing on spending the time with Adam and enjoying myself.  (side note- whenever Adam and I run together- we never wear music, we just talk.)
  4. This fun distance with Adam may be just what I need to get out of my funk or rut.
  5. I just can’t be a “quitter”. I know myself very well, I know if I don’t do the race I will feel like a quitter. Honestly- can I walk 13.1 miles? Yes! If I have to walk the WHOLE THING (I am certain it will not come to that-but who knows) then I walk the whole thing. I still finished.  (please note that this applies to how I feel about myself in this particular situation- I do not mean that anyone who has ever backed out of a race is a “quitter”).

So, what do I think went wrong here, a few things:

  1. I am burnt out. Not just with running but with life in general. I have a lot going on- working full-time, part-time, freelance writing, renovating a house, writing a blog, graduate school – you know, just to name a few 😉 I have a lot of balls in the air and juggling them all can get hard.
  2. THIS WINTER WAS BRUTAL– with all the snow and cold this winter (hello, 6th worst winter ever recorded) getting out there to run has been a huge challenge. When my schedule allowed for it it was either freezing, the streets and sidewalks were covered in snow or ice etc. I did to A LOT of work on the treadmill this winter- A LOT! But months and months of only treadmill may have gotten me into a rut considering my dislike for it. It took the fun out of the whole thing for me.
  3. I may just be worn out on running. From reading others comments and experiences this happens, more often than I thought it did for sure. I started running for fun and because I enjoyed it. When that feels like a chore or causes anxiety, it is certainly time for a break.

So what am I doing about it? Well, like everything else in my life- I have a game plan. However, this plan is not as strict as they usually are. The Type-A part of me is cringing- but she needs to get the hell over it! My plan is to work in other modes of exercise that I love but haven’t had the time to do since my single focus has been running and stressing about running.

You will see more Crossfit, Yoga (hot yoga- oh the joy!), spinning, pole dancing – I am getting excited just thinking about it! You will still see running. I plan on starting with my shorter distances, running garmin-free, and just letting my body remember how it feels to enjoy a run and why I love it. I will not be doing my 5 days a week of mid-long distances like you have been seeing.  It will be less frequent and less distance until my burn out is over and I miss it. Fact is, I know I will miss running. The thought of a beautiful sunny day -65 degrees out running along the Charles River still gets me feeling energized and excited- so it is in there somewhere!

I think it will be great to do other workouts I love for a while and maybe even try some new ones I have never done and have been meaning to. 🙂 Changing my perspective on this race and my working out in general last night was so freeing! I don’t HAVE TO run 10 miles in the 30 degree weather on Sunday and that makes we squeal with excitement! Instead maybe I will do hot yoga- who knows!

At any rate- I am feeling much less dooms day about my situation and much more free and hopeful. If you think that your support, e-mail, comment, message or tweet did not help with that for one second, you are wrong and so I thank you. And- my amazing husband who has a PhD in Ali and is the most incredibly understanding and motivating human on the planet- okay, seriously- my intention is not to make you gag…lovey dovey stuff is over!

For those of you worried that it may actually be something more physiological. I have made an appointment for a physical with my primary care for two weeks from now AND finally decided to take those iron and vitamin D3 supplements I was told to take by her 🙂

Anyways…who want to see what I ate this morning and what I am wearing, huh?!

Breakfast was some good old fashion banana oats topped with dry roasted almond (love the crunch), cinnamon and a tsp of brown sugar with a cup of lovely chocolate cappuccino coffee!

Today’s Outfit:

Black shirt dress and tights (H&M).


Gray military style boots (Target).


Clearly I have an obsession with stacking bracelets of different metal make-up.

In honor of my trying new and different workouts I would like to draw your attention to this little gem. Signpost is offering a $75 deal on Beach Bootcamp at Revere Beach in Revere, Ma.  For those of you who are unaware, I jump started my journey to a healthy lifestyle with outdoor bootcamp in June of 2008! I will be giving away one free voucher for this deal. That means one lucky reader will win a FREE month of beach bootcamp! Since it is specific to Revere, Ma please do not enter this giveaway if you live far  away or out of state.

To enter just comment on this post about why you want to win! For an extra entry tweet the following message: I want to win the @milomuscles and @SignpostBOS giveaway on @aliFoodFitFash blog!

Good Luck you have until tomorrow at 4pm!

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Well, this post has been a long time coming. I have avoided writing it. I avoided it because I thought if I didn’t write it it would go away or wouldn’t be true. I was hoping it would go away before I got the chance to write about it and I could avoid the topic all together. That has proven to not be the case. So here goes.

The past few months I have had a really hard time with my running. I have not had a run where I enjoyed any minute of it in a REALLY long time. Every step and breathe is a struggle. As a person that uses running as a hobby and as a way to relive stress this has been really difficult for me. My running has been so hard for me that instead of relieving my stress it had caused me anxiety on many occasions.

There have been runs where I can’t go more than a mile or two without having to stop and walk. My speed has become so slow is makes me cringe. My fastest 5k was 25:15, I ran a 5k this past Sunday with the time of 33:30. 33:30?! Normally, I would say I am worn out and take a break, but considering I have a half marathon scheduled for 10 days from now and another in a month that is not really an option.

I am concerned deeply about my readiness for the half on April 2nd- gravely concerned. I am not sure what is going on with me, but it is starting to get really discouraging. My ego had taken a huge blow. My stress-management an even bigger blow… I am sort of at a loss.

When you are a runner, you usually have many other friends that are runners too. I have talked to almost all of my friends that are runners about this situation and have gotten loads of different takes or advise:

  • It is all in my head
  • I am feeling bad for myself
  • I have lost my ability to fight through the hard runs
  • I have done too much too soon
  • Speed work in the answer
  • Less focus on speed and more on distance in the answer
  • I put too much pressure on myself
  • I am burnt out
  • The winter weather had cause this because it was so bad in Boston this year and I hate the treadmill so much
  • Focus less on Crossfit and more on running

The most important one I have heard was:

  • That happened to me. I have been there- I snapped out of it. It’s okay.

At the end of the day although running has be so challenging and maybe even caused some anxiety in my life I have not 100% given up on it. I have given up on individual runs- sure. I was going out to run 10 miles with Adam on Saturday that ended up being 2 miles + a mental breakdown. But, I have not once stopped running. What does that mean? I don’t know. I am stubborn? I don’t let go of things easily? I will get better? I am afraid of who I am if I am not a runner?I don’t want to loose my identity? I don’t want to let you (my readers) down? I have the ability to push though? Even though it is hard to see it now, I am a fighter? I still have the love for running and this is a bump in the road?

I just don’t know. I know that I have been keeping it up:

  • 2 miles Saturday
  • 5k Sunday
  • 4 miles yesterday

I also know that the closer it gets to my half and the less ready I feel that harder the runs are. To me- that seems a like a mental construct.I have done 13.1 before, I know what it is like, I know how to train this should have been MUCH less difficult than it has been.

All in all the scariest thing to me is having a hard time doing (and as a result loving) something I used to love so much…

Well, there you have it. There is the truth about my running in a raw post of no pictures, no editing (so please don’t comment on bad grammar)- just a flow of my thoughts.

What is your advise? What are your thoughts? Have you been here before? What did you do? What would you do?

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Shower Saturday!

Hello! If you missed my review of 5 Napkin, a new restaurant opening in Boston TODAY, check it out here! Saturday morning I awoke from my 5 Napkin food coma STILL FULL! The truth is I was full pretty much all day. I didn’t end up getting hungry and eating anything until about 3:30 pm in afternoon.

Around 11am Adam and I went out for a run that only lasted about 2 miles. I plan on writing a post sometime later on today about this run and my experience with running as of late. It is something that kind of needs and deserves it’s own post and has been on my mind for quite sometime. It’s coming soon.

After the run, I showered and got ready for my friends Page and Tamika’s baby shower. Page was one of my best friends in college and we actually worked together for a few years post college. We have celebrated so many big occasions in our lives together and I was so excited to be part of one more!

Page and Tamika’s Wedding shower:



and now Baby Shower:

The Baby Shower was fantastic- the decor was so adorable!

Page arrived to a little momarazzi 😉

She has been on bed rest for the past few months- so she had a lot of catching up to do with people. It was fantastic to see her. She was was such a stunning and glowing pregnant woman. I was so pleased to see her so happy and beautiful!

The baby received so many adorable gifts. She is going to be styling just like her moms!

For eats I had a little of this and a little of that:


Mini turkey sandwich and a pickle- I didn’t eat the crab rangoon looking thing because it was filled with meat.

garlic noodles and chicken teriyaki.

Oh and of course- Cake!

The favors were these adorable little baby food jars filled with candy.

Of course I totally forgot to take one when I left…bummer!

It was a great time to see everyone, catch up and shower the baby! She is due in about 7 weeks,  but the doctors think it may be earlier. I simply cannot want to meet this beautiful little girl! It will be great to add another girl to our group of friends!

College buddies!

When I arrived home around 6:30 pm. Adam and I ran a few errands. We bought a new humidifier for our bedroom. We have been waking up feeling to dry and I think it is really helping! We also bought some doggy breathe mints  and a toy for some stinky breathed dog I know!

We did some grocery shopping. By the time we got home it was late and we wanted something simple for dinner. I had lentil soup and I made a cheese and crackers plate for Adam and I to split with our soup.

I barely finished the soup. I think the 5 Napkin food kept me full for almost 2 days!


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