Hello! I had a super fun night tonight! Let me fill you in. Right before leaving work I snacked on a mini Luna bar as pre-Crossfit fuel.

After work I headed straight to Crossfit. Tonight’s class was Kettlebells, Abs and More. I was excited to see Lisa back after her toe issues 🙂 This class was so nuts that I am pretty certain as I am typing this that it will be a struggle to remember what we did. The good thing about it is that we did a bunch of different things so your mind was always moving, but it is not conducive to blogging because it is way too much to remember.

Here is an attempt-

Buy in:

  • 30 jumping jacks
  • 20 air squats
  • 10 push ups
  • 10 jumping jacks

Round 1: 3 times

  • 10 Kettlebell swings
  • 10 Chest press (kettlebells)
  • 20 Russian Twists

Round 2: 3 times

  • 10 sumo dead-lift high pull
  • 10 transfers
  • 20 bicycles
Round 3: 3 rounds
  • 10 rows on each side
  • 10 bicep curls
  • 10 tricep extensions
Ultimate Abs: 2 times
  • 30 seconds of crunches
  • 30 seconds of elbows to knees
  • 30 seconds of roll ups
  • 30 seconds leg lifts
Ridiculous Leg Workout (it has an actual name, but I forget and this new name seems fitting): 3 times
  • 10 goblet squats
  • 10 jumping squats
  • 10 air squats
Tabata (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off- 8 times)
  • mid-level kettlebell swing

I think that is about right. One round in I thought I was going to sweat to death, I thought it was just me until Lisa confirmed! I think the heat was on or something, we opened all the windows. Good God it was hot!  At  the end of the class we foam rolled and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I needed it so badly, my IT band was so tight I thought I was going to cry while rolling it. It hurt so much, but felt so awesome at the same time.

After Crossfit, Lisa and I went to Pizzeria Regina from pizza and beer.


and EARNED: 

Small Mediterranean pizza. Not going to lie, I ate 3/4 of it. I was starving!!!

I had a fun night chatting with Lisa and her friend Amy:

I forgot my glasses in Lisa’s car, so she let me borrow hers.

But we ended up sharing them like an old married couple. Lisa used them to creep on people who walked in using race numbers- we wanted to know what race they had run.

I used them to try and see the Bruins game.

You can tell from the squinting that Lisa’s prescription is not as strong as mine. It did the trick though, with my eyes squinted I could make out what was happening-kind of.

We also got sucked into trivia, which were were awful at. The trivia guy would actually laugh in our faces when he saw our answer. Oh well, we had fun and that was all that matters.

Good night!!!!!


Hellllllllooooo! How are you guys? Thursday is flying by! Unfortunately, I am working both days this weekend so, it kind of means nothing to me. I will work 12 days straight without a day off. It’s fine, it only happens once a year (graduation) so I can deal with it!

This morning’s breakfast was a classic. Toasted PB&J with 1/2 of a banana and a coffee.

FYI: The only jelly I like is blueberry. I hate grape-blah!

For lunch I had a turkey sandwich on a whole wheat flax sandwich thin with hummus and laughing cow. On the side I had salt and vinegar popchips and fruit: grapes and blueberries.

Today’s outfit:

  • Bright paisley cardigan (TJ Maxx)
  • Black pants (Express)
  • Aqua cami (H&M)
  • Black pointed flats ( Nina)

Print close up:


I have been asked a number of times about Crossfit.  Many readers are super interested in it, but really intimated by it. It makes a whole lot of sense, I mean it is pretty intense. But, trust me, it is nothing you can’t handle. It is like nothing you have EVER done before, but in a good way. I have been asked on several occasions to write a post of tips for people wanting to try it for the first time. So, here are my tips:

  1. Go in with an open mind: Let good of all your ideas about what it is and how hard it is. Everyday the workout is different and everyday your body is different, just take it as it comes. If you go in thinking you can’t do it, that is exactly what will happen. If your mind lets your body do it’s thing, you will be surprised.
  2. Don’t Compare Yourself: There will be people in your class that can do stuff you don’t think you will ever be able to do. That is a given. My gym is full with guys that are about a thousand times stronger and faster than me, our genetic make-up alone gives me a huge disadvantage. Luckily, I am not competing with them, I am competing with myself. My goal is to be better than the me one month ago, not better than the 6’3- 220 lb. guy next to me. Do your best, and don’t worry about anyone else.  Trust me, no one is paying attend to how much weight your have on your bar or how fast you do pullups.
  3. Don’t Cheat Yourself: Does it suck to be the last to finish? Yeah, it does! But, don’t let that be a reason to skip exercises or reps. The workouts are designed a certain way for a reason and you will never get better if you don’t do it correctly. Who are you really cheating here? It is a waste of your time and money to only do half of the work.
  4. Get Your Form Down: If you have to lift an empty bar to get correct form while everyone else’s is loaded, do it! Who cares (see #2 above)!? If you are doing heavy weight but have awful form you will end up not reaping the full benefit and even worse, you may injure yourself. OUCH!
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask, “What is that?”: If you don’t know what an exercise is, ask the trainer. They are usually more than happy to explain it, if not demonstrate it and watch you do a few or give you tips. Crossfit has quite a vocabulary, and trust me you pick up on it quick. Everyone started off not knowing what a “double under” or “pistol” is, so don’t be embarrassed at all.
  6. Don’t Be So Serious: Crossfit is intense, but have fun with it! If you are not allowing yourself to have fun, it will feel like a chore. Stuff will go wrong, you need to laugh at yourself. I once fell doing a box jump, like right on my back and took someone out with me. We both laughed and kept going. No big deal!

I hope those tips helped! Please feel free to e-mail me or comment about any questions you have. Trust me, if you try it out you will be hooked and it is totally nothing to be afraid of!

Chix and Divas

Hello there! How are you guys doing?! Good, I hope! Yesterday was kind of a busy, but pretty awesome at the same time!

Lunch was tomato soup with laughing cow cheese, kashi crackers and a pear. It was the perfect soup day, raw and rainy. The soup warmed me up.

Around 4pm I got a little hungry and I needed a snack. So I pulled out the cashews from breakfast.

Ok, these are so much better solo than with oatmeal. The oatmeal kind of took away from the favor. The vanilla coating on these was perfect, not super sweet. I don’t really have a sweet tooth so most things taste way to sweet to be to begin with with.

After work I hustled home and changes for a longish run. It was raining, but I didn’t really care. I hate running the the heavy rain, but I loooove running in drizzle. Julia has been encouraging me to join the Boston LUNA Chix Running Team for a run, but the timing never workout out until last night. They meet every Wednesday at 6:30pm at the end of the Mass Ave bridge on the Memorial Drive side. I ran to the meeting spot (about 2 miles) and was excited to see that where was a small group out brave enough to run in the rain. I ran the roughly 4 mile loop with them and chatted with a few different ladies along the way. It was so fun to meet new people and everyone was so sweet and welcoming. It is just nice to be around other like-minded ladies, ya know?

Here are the beauties I ran with last night! 🙂

If you are looking to run with others, make new friends or have fun and are in the Boston Area- I really recommend joining these ladies for a run. There are people of all different levels and speeds so everyone is welcome and they are all super sweet! Oh- and they give out luna bars at the runs, pretty sweet, right?!  Who knows, you may bump into me there 🙂

After finishing up their loop, I ran the 2 miles home. I finished up at 7.75 miles in 1:13:50.


  • Mile 1- 9:23
  • Mile 2- 9:21
  • Mile 3- 9:26
  • Mile 4- 9:25
  • Mile 5- 9:33
  • Mile 6- 9:20
  • Mile 7- 9:35
  • .75- 7:42

When I got home all I wanted was cereal, so that is what I had. Yes, sometimes even food bloggers eat cereal for dinner.

1 cups of kashi golean crunch, 1 cup pf organic fat free milk, a handful of blueberries.

In other (very important news):

I have been truly inspired by a co-worker of mine. Last week, he sent me a letter to edit for him (you know since I am a writer in all 😉 ).  When I opened it and read it is was actually difficult to look at it through editor’s eyes, I was so inspired and touched by the actual works in the letter nothing else really mattered. The letter reads as follows (he has given me permission to share):


Did you know that in the United States someone is infected with HIV every 9 ½ minutes?  Or that every half hour someone in the U.S. dies due to HIV/AIDS?

Far too often, we only donate to events like this because someone we know has been struck by cancer, diabetes.  These diseases and conditions become real only when their presence becomes real in our lives.  I’d love to say that I’m only walking in order to help raise awareness and money that will make a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS in our community, but there is a more personal connection to this cause for me.

Eleven years ago, on July 11th, 2000, I was taken by ambulance to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital with a very high fever and severe dehydration.  Although I was released several hours later; I was sick for several days.  There were a number of possibilities but one week later, my worst fear was confirmed:  July 11th now stands as the anniversary of my seroconversion to HIV positive status.

The next several months there was a lot of praying, crying and searching for catharsis.  But, really, the last ten years have also included a lot of running from my condition, secrecy, depression, self-loathing and alcohol abuse.   The fallout I allowed myself doesn’t really need to gone into in detail, but suffice to say that years between then and now have been a roller-coaster ride filled more with fear than excitement.

When I returned to Boston last July, I made a promise to myself that I would take the next year FOR myself.  I vowed to take the year to focus on my personal life, my internal demons, and focus on my health: mental, spiritual, and physical.

Over the past ten months, I have begun retroviral therapy, started counseling for depression and substance abuse, and have begun to change the way I eat, work and exercise.   I can choose how I react to my life and my situation.  And I have the power to change my life.

Where in the past, I have often responded to challenges in my life by running or by hiding; I have lived in secrecy and within the darkness of fear.  I have made terrible choices and I have damaged relationships, some of them beyond repair.

But this year, I have finally chosen to step out of the darkness and reclaim my life. I would like to know and love the same person that many of you see; I am working on reaching that potential that many of you have talked to me about over the many years of our relationship.  I am determined to step out of the darkness and enjoy the light.

This is really why I will be joining over 15,000 other people on Sunday, June 5, 2011 for the 26th AIDS Walk Boston: so that AAC continue to offer the services that I should have taken advantage of years ago.  Perhaps my life would have been different; in fact, I’m sure it would have been different.  But then, I wouldn’t have such appreciation for the life I have now. Through my experiences, I have grown rich through the love and trust of my friends.

By walking on June 5th, I hope I can inspire you to contribute to AAC, a wholly worthwhile cause.

I was so inspired by him that he and I decided to create a team for the Boston AIDS Walk/Run with the goal of raising $4,000. His amazing story and spirit has already compelled people to donate and I am so happy to report that we have already raised 1/4 of our goal! If you are interested in donating as we run for this important cause you can donate to team “Divas Doing Good” (don’t you love the name?) by following this link. Every little bit counts and I appreciate your support so very much!

Movie Of My Life…

Happy Hump Day!!!! 😉 I actually really like Wednesdays, I don’t know why, I just do.  This morning while going through the mail, I found this postcard:

It made me realize a few things:

  1. Anything called the “Rock and Roll Half Marathon” was pretty much made for me.
  2. I may actually be insane enough to run a half marathon is the heat and humidity of August.
  3. I want to have a race photo that is so epic that  I am on the next year’s race marketing materials (a new goal was born this morning, kids).

The race is $105 for registration, but I do get $10 off though. Worth it or no?

Breakfast this morning was banana oats topped with cinnamon and the cashews I received from Tazo Tea on Monday.  I also had coffee, obvi!

I made the oatmeal at work. It was easy considering I keep a mug, spoon, cinnamon and measuring cup in my desk drawer. Always prepared!  I used about half of the serving of cashews and saved the rest for a later date.

While on the bus this morning I was listening to my iPod (in an effort to drown out the obnoxious people on public transportation) and this song came on:

Remember this little gem?! I immediately thought, “This would totally be on the soundtrack of a movie about my life.”  I am 100% under the impression that someday I will do such great things that there will be a movie made about my life.

This whole idea got me thinking of who would play me in the movie of my life. This is a huge decision! I was discussing this with my co-workers and everyone agreed that Piper Perabo should play me. Apparently there is some lead paint or something in my office that has caused a few of my co-workers to think that Piper and I resemble each other.  I will not argue with them…not for one second! She is gorgeous!

We are twins, obviously!

Today’s Outfit:

  • Wide leg khakis (H&M)
  • White lace-trimmed cami (Gap)
  • Floral cardigan (Old Navy)
  • Purple suede flats (Banana Republic)

Close up of the print:

What songs would be on the soundtrack of a movie about your life? What actor or actress would play you?

Hi! I hope your Tuesday has been great! Mine was busy, and not super great. Just one of those days, ya know? It will be better if the Bruins can win this game without going into OT. 🙂 Today was super busy and hectic for me, but I made it out in one piece. Sometimes that is all you can ask for.

Breakfast was eaten at work this morning. I had 1 cup of Kashi GoLean Crunch, a container of honey Chobani, and blueberries with coffee from home that I brought with me. 🙂

I love the cereal, yogurt and berry combo. It reminds me of summer- which is hopefully on it’s way! It has been cold and rainy here for the last 4 days and should continue for at least 4 more 😦 No bueno!

Lunch was leftovers from last night. Just as good the next day.

On rainy and dreary days, sometimes a second coffee is a must. Today was one of those days, I was busy at work and needed fuel mid-afternoon if I was going to get through and make it to my 5:30 pm Crossfit class. I had a grande mild roast with sugar free vanilla syrup and half and half from Starbucks.

After work I booked it to the gym to make a 5:30 pm Crossfit Bootcamp class. Getting to the 5:30 pm class is stressful at times since I need to walk to the train, take it two stops, walk to the gym and then change all in the matter of 45 minutes- since I get out of work at 4:45 pm. But, it is so awesome to be done with my workout by 6:30 pm. So it is worth the hustle if I can make it on time.

Here was the workout:

Buy in:

3 rounds-

  • 10 side lunges on each side
  • 10 rotating planks
  • 5 inch worms
  • 3 Burpees


AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 20 minutes

  • 10 toes to bar
  • 10 ring rows (love these!)
  • 10 push ups
  • 15 box jumps
  • 20 double unders (60 singles)

I was one exercise shy of 4 full rounds after the 20 minutes. My toes to bar are getting better, I can REALLY get close on the very first one of the set and them I can get my knees up to my elbows on the rest. I love ring rows, they make me feel so strong. I am getting lower and lower to the ground each time I do them. I made my very first attempts at double unders tonight. My wrists are still not fast enough and I have a few welts on my body to prove it. I did singles mostly, which means I jumped rope 240 times. The workout was awesome, I was dripping sweat. Gah! I love Crossfit.

After Crossfit I headed to my part-time job where I worked until 9pm. I was exhausted and just not having a great day, but I stuck it out and got all the work done. When I got home at 9:15 I found these beauties in the kitchen.

Adam bought me flowers to brighten my crappy day. Not just flowers, but my favorite flowers- gerber daisies! 🙂 They are so springy and happy on a dreary day. Thoughtful.

Dinner had to be quick and easy since it was 9:30 when I finally ate. I had a grilled turkey and cheese on a flax sandwich thin with apple slices and salt and vinegar popchips.

Look at this beauty of an apple:

Adam joked that I looked like I was eating a 2nd graders lunch. Now looking at the photos, I can see his point. It was just what I wanted though.  Dinner gave me a burst of energy that made wonder if I could box jump our coffee table. So I tried it out. The answer is yes, I can box jump the coffee table. But, at the risk of getting a “What the hell are you doing, you nut?!” from Adam. Worth the risk! Ha!

Today’s Outfit: 

  • Gray newsboy cropped pants (GAP)
  • White over-sided shirt (NY&Co)
  • Black blazer (Jacob)
  • Black tights (H&M)
  • Black suede round toe pumps (Michael Kors)

Side View:

Gah! I love those pants! Excuse my weird faces and no makeup.

What brightened your day today?

PS- while writing this post, the Bruins did win and did not go into OT! This day is looking up (figures since it is almost over).

Edge of Glory…

Hello! Well, the good news is Monday is out of the way, right?! 🙂 I am currently blogging from the most comfortable chair in our living room in my sweats. I could not think of anything more perfect on a rainy night 🙂

Before I get into my day today, I need to tell you that I saw Bridesmaids with my friends Kristie and Ibelis last night! OH MY GOD you guys, it was sooooooooo hilarious! I had tears streaming down my face while laughing hysterically! At times, I could barley catch my breathe. It kind of reminded me of a female version of The Hangover. I highly recommend it! Disclaimer: I am a huge Kristen Wiig fan- so I may be bias.

This morning when I got to work, I meant to have breakfast right away. But I got so involved in what I was doing I ate breakfast at 1:15 pm. I wish I was kidding. It is amazing how when I get into working on something nothing else exists. Breakfast was whole wheat toast with peanut butter and 1/2 of a banana.

Since I had a late breakfast, I had lunch at 4 pm. Today was just so off. I had a salad: spring mix, tomatoes, red bell pepper, cucumber, feta, chickpeas and red wine vinegar.

Right after work, I hopped on the bus and went home to change for the gym. Before the gym, I had a mini Luna bar for a little extra fuel.

I went to the 6 pm Crossfit class. The class was super tough on the forearms. But I really loved this workout for some reason!

The buy in was:

  • 22 double unders
  • 11 inch worms
  • pass throughs
  • 22 air squats

Strength and Skill:

  • 4×15 Shoulder Press
  • 4×15 Pistols

5 Rounds of

  • 5 Farmers’ Walk (16 kg in each hand)
  • 10 Knees to Elbows
  • 15 Box Jumps

I am happy to report I pretty much have my knees to elbows (booya!) and John (trainer) showed us a much more effective away of getting the box jumps. I followed his advice and it was like night and day! John knows stuff….FACT! It was a great workout 🙂

Dinner was one of my favorites. I made grilled chicken with lemon spaghetti. It was a version one of my favorite FFF  recipes. But instead I used chicken tenders rather than breasts and grilled them rather than cooking them in a skillet. For pasta I used whole wheat angel hair (Adam’s favorite), two fresh lemons and fresh basil that was grown by moi! Watch out Martha Stewart! 🙂 This is one of my favorite spring or summer recipes because when you use fresh lemons, chicken and herbs it tastes so amazing. You really need to try this recipe out!

There were leftovers, which is exciting news 🙂

I also came home to a lovely gift from my friends over at Tazo Tea. I got a Chia zero calorie tea, a lunch bag and some snacks. 🙂

Iced Chia? Yes, please! I cannot want to try it.

I am super excited about these almonds and cashews- I have a feeling you will be seeing these in my oatmeal soon.

In other news- I am seriously loving Lady Gaga’s new single Edge of Glory. I have been listening to it all day long!!!

Come on, admit it- you love it!!!!

What songs have you been loving lately?

Hello! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was busy. I actually did TONS of blog work, even though I never wrote an actual posts.  I revamped a lot of stuff and did a lot of behind the scene work. One thing I worked on was the Food, Fitness, Fashion t-shirt shop. I have been meaning to do this for months (just like my FAQ’s page that I finally got done last week) and woke up inspired with some new ideas and motivation to do it. The funny thing about blogging is that nothing is ever “done”. There are always ways to revamp things or make things more user friendly. At any rate, here is a preview of the new shop!

To check them all out, click here! I hope you like the new additions 🙂

I guess I haven’t actually written a post since Thursday! WOW! Thursday night was spent doing laundry and cleaning up my apartment. Since Thursday morning and afternoon were so hectic, my apartment ended up a huge mess. Dinner was a veggie and hummus wrap: original hummus, feta, tomatoes, artichoke hearts and cucumbers on a whole wheat flat out wrap.

I crashed early since I was so tired from the long day!!!

Friday was super hectic at work, it was really unusual day and just super bananas. Breakfast was a toasted peanut butter and banana sandwich.

Lunch was a salad: spring mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, leftover turkey tips, red bell peppers and feta with balsamic vinegar.

After work, I had a stomach ache that I think it was from my super stressful day. But, since I was so stressed I NEEDED to run! I got changed in the restroom at work and headed to Lisa’s house to meet her for a run! We ended up running 3.5 miles at a 8:45 min/mile pace while chatting. It is so good to have a someone to run and chat with is makes the miles just fly by 🙂

After the run I went home, shower and ate some black bean soup while getting ready to go out.

Then, I picked up Lisa (again) and we headed to a Trivia Fundraiser. Avalon Crossfit (our beloved gym 🙂 ) had two trivia teams for the event. I was on team two. At first our teams goal was just to beat the other Avalon team, but we far surpassed them around the 3 round. We ended up coming in second overall and only loosing by one point. It was certainly a team effort, although our team captain Tristan did carry us a little bit 🙂 The three answers I contributed: Coco Chanel, Prozac and Kurt Cobain. I know you were thinking when you read the title, “What do those three things have in common?”. Well, there you have it. Stuff Ali knows about 🙂

Here is a photo of the Crossfit Teams:

I heart my gym!

Outfit (see picture above):

  • Boot cut jeans (J Crew)
  • White tank (Old Navy)
  • Aqua and gray stripped cardigan (C&C California)
  • Metallic braided sandals (Steve Madden via a Thrift Store)

The rest of the evening was spent enjoying a few cold ones with Lisa and laughing until we cried. I swear that my abs hurt the next day from laughing. I love making friends through blogging 🙂

What topics do you always excel at in Trivia?