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Hey guys! Did you all miss me yesterday? I had a great day. My weekend has been great so far. Let me back it up to Friday night. On Friday Adam picked me up from work since it had the day off and it was so cold, what a guy?! When I got home, I hopped in the shower and got ready to head out. We met Mel and Kevin and a few other of Adam’s co-workers at the Four Winds for a beer before heading to the 50th Birthday Party. I had a Stella…yum!

I stuck to bud light for the night.

The meal at the party was Chinese food and Italian food. I had some of both, I was really hungry by the time ate. I was so busy socializing that I didn’t think to get food until I was really, really hungry.

Huge plate= eye bigger than stomach, per usual. There were a ton of beer drank at our table that night. I couldn’t believe what our table looked like half way through the night. A lot of celebrating!!!!

The party was a great time! I spent the first half of the night chatting and the second half dancing my little feet off. Love nights like that!!!

Yesterday morning, I got up at 9am, showered and got ready for my dress fitting!!! I had a toasted Barney Butter  sandwich made with the two end pieces from a loaf of bread for breakfast while blow drying my hair. Does anyone else love the end pieces?

My fitting went really well! I had my mom and May with me so that helped me to feel relaxed. The seamstress is awesome and knows her stuff. We are changing a few things about the dress and taking it in everywhere. It also had to be hemmed a little bit. The seamstress is also making my veil and I think it is going to be beautiful. She put a similar one on me so I could see how it would look. When she put the veil on me, I got a little teary eyed. Once she added the veil, I really felt like a bride. I go back in May and am excited to see how it will all look. I have confidence that she will do amazing job, but I will be nervous about it until I actually put it on again.

After the fitting, mom and I came home and picked up my dad and Adam and headed out to lunch. I love spending a day with my parents, I don’t get to do it that often, so when I can it is so fun.We went to  Amrheims in South Boston for lunch. The food was really great! I started off with a Blue Moon and a water.

As an appetizer we split a buffalo chicken dip, which was FANTASTIC!!!!

For my meal I got a special. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. This is one of my all time favorite meals, it reminds me of  being a kid.

The soup and grilled cheese was awesome!!! I ate all of the soup and half of the sandwich. YUM YUM! My mom had the same thing and agreed that it was great. After lunch we headed to the home show to get ideas for our house (!!!!). I never get sick of saying “Our House” I just don’t. Adam and I fell in LOVE with this floor, I have the darker hard wood!

Isn’t it amazing?! Adam and I especially loved looking at kitchen stuff. I can’t wait to have a nice, huge kitchen! Both of us agreed that we like the stove top separate from the ovens. I fell IN LOVE with this giant fridge that I didn’t take a picture of. It is huge and has a huge freezer, which I think is awesome since our freezer is tiny now and every time we open it, stuff falls down on us. Clearly we need a bigger freezer.

While walking around, Adam got a soft pretzel and I had a few small bites.

After the home show, the four of us decided to go see a movie. We went to the 6:20 show of Edge of Darkness. While watching the movie I had some popcorn.

I usually don’t get anything to eat at the movies since it is so pricey and I am usually not hungry. But, every once and a while, a little popcorn is needed. I forgot how tasty movie theater popcorn is. The movie was awesome! I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was going to be more of an action movie (like the 1 million Die Hard movies Mel Gibbson did), but it was not like that at all. It was more like a mystery, which  I love! I really recommend it if you were considering going to see it. We got home around 8:30 and I was not hungry for dinner since I had popcorn and a few bites of Adam’s pretzel. To be honest, I got ready for bed and fell asleep around 9pm while laying in bed watching TV with Adam and Oscar.

This morning I got up at 7am. Adam got up for work at that time, so I just got up too. I walked Oscar and them made a quick breakfast. The only real option I had was french toast, since we are pretty much out of food. I mixed the last of our liquid egg whites with some almond milk and vanilla and dipped the last two pieces of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread into it and cooked them until brown on each side. I topped it with a little maple syrup, honey and cinnamon and enjoyed it with coffee.


In Other News:

1. I totally forgot to post my blogger interview on Friday since I was so busy all day! I am so sorry about that. This week’s blogger interview is with the fabulous Whitney from Whit Is Getting Fit! I met Whit in August at the Healthy Living Summit and we mad a great time! We spend most of the weekend joined at the hip. I was sad when it was time for Whit to go home, but we have kept in touch through blogging and emails. In less than 8 weeks, I get to see her again at Fit Bloggin and I can’t wait!!!! So, here is my interview with Whit!

Blogging Related:

1. Why did you start your blog? Because A: It looked fun, and B: I love writing! I’ve always journaled and written goofy stories.

2. What is your favorite blog? How can I pick just one! I love so many blogs, because they are all different. Two of my favorites areThe Healthyeverythingtarian and Snackface. AND Homegirl Can Eat. I guess that’s three. See! I can’t pick just one!!!

3. How do you keep readers interested in your blog? Especially if your blog is new? I try to keep it funny and light. Ask questions. Cross my fingers that people will read it!

4. Have you found blogging difficult to keep up with? Yes, sometimes it does get overwhelming. That’s when I take a step back and realize that I do this for fun, and I should keep it that way.

5. Has anything happened that was unexpected or shocked you as a result of having a blog? For example, negative feedbacks, new found blogger friends that live next door? really anything that didn’t expect? I’ve made a lot of friends through blogging. I’ve met YOU Ali! Of course you live a plane ride away and not next door, but still. Honestly the making friends part was what I really have not expected. Turns out Charlotte has quite a few bloggers! It’s fun times.

6. Do you have support of your family? Yes, they laugh at me, but I catch them reading…and leaving comments.

7. how long have you been blogging? Let’s see…10 months? I started in March of ’09 I believe. I always say that I ‘officially’ started in June though, because that is how long it took me to get going full force and not just playing with it.

8. how has your blog changed over the years? Well since it hasn’t been years, I can’t answer that properly! I have played with different posting schedules and the like. Once a day, twice a day, three times a day. Right now once a day is working for me, so I’m sticking with that.

9.What new directions do you see taking it in? Honestly, it’s just for fun, so whatever direction looks that way, that’s the road I’ll take!

10. What is your favorite ‘freebie’ that you’ve ever received? hmmmmm. I love getting books to review, since I am a huge reader. I’ve received several fitness books to review through the blog. Those make me happy.

You and Your Healthy Lifestyle:

11. What is your favorite workout? Running, but right now I am healing tendinitis, which is a pain and a half, so I have turned to my second favorite, yoga.

12. How often do you workout? I try to work out 4-5 times a week, but honestly I have been slack on that of late. More like 3 times a week.

13. Have you always lived a healthy lifestyle? If not, What made you change you lifestyle? I’ve always yo-yoed with my weight, but two years ago I decided to get healthy once and for all. My weight still goes up and down, but overall I am happy with the balance I have going right now.

14. What is you favorite healthy snack? Banana and peanut butter!

15. What is your all time favorite food? You know I’m going to say Ice cream, right? Mint chocolate chip to be specific.

16: What is your least favorite food? Collard greens. I just can’t jump on the collard greens bandwagon.

17. What is one kitchen appliance you can’t live without, besides your fridge? A blender? LOVE my mother’s Vitamix, which I may have to steal. shhhh.

18. What is your favorite thing to try? New workouts, new restaurants, bars, beer/wine. I like trying new workouts! Mixing it up for the sake of mixing it up! Anyone have any fun ones? Please share in the comments!

Getting to Know you:

19. What are you wearing today? (Please Provide a Picture)


top: Charlotte Russe, Jeans: Tj Maxx, Shoes, Rack Room. I’m a bargain shopper, what can I say?!?!

And, because I know you are a dog lover, I wanted to share this one. My dog Java decided to join the photoshoot! He is a lab mix, and a huge sweetheart. Much larger than Oscar though.


20. What do you do for a living? I am an office manager at a small company.

21. What is your favorite movie? Pride and Prejudice. I melt every time I watch it.

22. What are your hobbies? besides running, blogging and yogaing? I do love to wakeboard in the summer. My family and I spend nearly every weekend at the lake in the warmer months.

23. What trends are your fashion favorite this season? I love BOOTIES!!!

24.what are your plans for 2010? Well, I plan to attend a few blog conferences, do some travelling and I am moving into my first apartment. 2010 is looking to be a winner so far!

2. Self Love Tip of the Day: Be Honest: Being honest with yourself and others is a great way to love yourself more. When you are honest, you have no reason to fear or feel guilty about. This can be a challenge at times, but I am a firm believer that honesty is always the best policy.

Well I got to get going if I am going to get to BP on time! See you all later!


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Hey girlies (and guys…if you are out there 🙂 )! I have been soooo slammed today, hence the late post that will include breakfast and lunch. I was way too tired this morning to get up got the gym, so I declared it a rest day and stayed in bed with the boys. I will add my scheduled mileage to my weekend workouts. In my mind I like to make sure I get in 3 BP sessions and 3 solid runs (between 4.5-10 miles) a week. Sometimes, I double it up, sometimes I do it on 6 separate days. How do you think of your workouts? Do you like to workout a certain number of days? Certain number of hours per week? Certain number of “sessions”?

Breakfast was a whole wheat bagel with blueberry jam and smooth barney butter. Jam counts as fruit right?!

I ate it like a sandwich.

There was also some coffee, of course!

Lunch came at 1pm. Since we don’t have tons of groceries, I had to get a little creative. I had a soy burger  on a whole wheat sandwich thin topped with mustard, a ton of pickles and a laughing cow cheese. On the side, I had some streamed brussle sprouts and some popchips.

Today’s outfit:

Slate blue ruffle cardigan (J Crew), White tank (Target), Jeans (Express), Yellow Flats (forever 21).

I love the neckline on this sweather 🙂

In Other News:

1. Today’s Self Love Tip: Acknowledge Your Efforts: It’s not always about winning or being successful in everything you do. It is impossible to be great and do well at everything. Most times, it is your effort that counts. Acknowledge that you’ve done your best, even if you are not producing tangible results. I try to do this a lot. I find I need it most after a bad run. For those of you who love running like I do, you know that a bad run is so frustrating! I try to remind myself that the fact that I get out there everyday and work to be better, faster and stronger is amazing in and of itself. I also tell myself it is hard, if it was easy, everyone would be a runner. It reminds me how far I have come and how hard I have worked, it really puts one silly bad run in perspective.

2. I have my first wedding dress fitting tomorrow morning! EEEEEKKKK!! I have lost a little over 30 lbs. since I got my wedding dress at The Running Of the Brides in Feb. 2009.

That’s me in the “Bride” hoodie.

Not the most attractive picture of me with Jill and Mel, we were running on no sleep and no showers…no bueno!

My mom and my bridesmaids (minus Texas Kara). I have THE BEST BM’s –they all took the day off of work, stayed up all night, braved the cold and crazy women and helped me get the perfect dress! I am ever so grateful to each one of you and love you all dearly, seriously, you’re the best 🙂

My seamstress will be taking my wedding dress from a size 10 to a size 4 and I want to make some changes to certain parts of the dress. I actually have been avoiding putting it on and have not tried it on since the day I bought it (almost a year ago). I am nervous about it since I am in love with my dress and want to make sure it looks the same when the process is over. I am very excited/nervous about it.

My weekend plans:


  • I have a party for a work friend of Adam’s, should be a great time. I am looking forward to it.


  • Morning run
  • Dress Fitting
  • Home Show (!!!) with my mom, dad and Adam to get some idea for our house. I can’t wait to start construction!
  • Dinner with Mom, Dad and Adam
  • Homework (Boo)


  • Run
  • Body Pump
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Homework

What about you?

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Hey everyone! How was your night? Mine was good. Class flew by and we actually got out super early! Prayers answered, my attention span just was not there tonight. After class I walked to the train with a classmate and we got covered in snow!!!! There have been random snow storms on and off all day here in Boston. So strange, about 10 minutes of heavy snow and then nothing for a few hours. I have really never seen anything like it.

By the time I arrived home I was cold and starving. I changed my clothes and then returned some voice mails for my part-time job. When it came time to eat I was hungry and really tired, Adam had just ordered a pizza. I had two small slices of his pizza with some steamed spinach on the side for some veggie power. Sometimes when you are tired, hungry and don’t have a ton of options…convenience wins.

Dessert was a small mug of frozen yogurt. This froyo is awesome, dark chocolate with toasted almonds 🙂

I spent the rest of the evening on the couch with Adam and Oscar watching TV. We watched an episode of Bones and we started an episode of CSI, that I fell asleep during. Not offense to CSI, I am just really tired. After the show ended Adam woke me and I did a load of laundry and am blogging for you guys (dedication 😉 ).

Well, I am off to wash my face, brush my teeth and hit the hay. I got a run planned for the morning! Night!

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Good Afternoon! I am hungry today, for sure. I could barely wait until noon for lunch. Once my clock struck 12pm, I jumped up and darted to the fridge to get my lunch. I had leftovers from last night as promised!!!

As I suspected, this was way better as a cold salad. I ate while working and then headed to the library to read for school. I am now a little bit ahead of the game 🙂 Let’s hope I can stay that way.

Around 2:30 I was starving again! I snacked on some plain soy crisps.

These are so not as good as the flavored ones, I will not be buying these again..BORING! For a little flavor (and because I was still hungry) I snacked on some orange infused raisins.

These are seriously awesome, so sweet and had a great citrus taste. I loved them. I have a lemon infused ones I am excited to try as well!

Well, I have hit a huge wall, but am trying to deal with it without caffeine since I don’t want it to keep me up again tonight. I am praying I will get through class and a little bit of work for my part-time job that I have to get done without crashing. Stayed tuned….. off to class 🙂

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Gooood Morning ;). Well, I did get all my reading done last night with the help of a little too much coffee. Yeah, once I was done and ready for bed, I could not fall asleep. I was up until 1am, then woke up at 3:45  for about 30 minutes, then got up at 5am to head to the gym. I am interested to see how I will feel come noon time…ugh! Before walking out the door, I had half of a clif bar.

When I work out in the mornings, I actually have to take the T to the gym so I need to get out of bed about 45 minutes before I actually want to be at the gym. Some things in life take commitment! 6am Body is great when you have an energetic instructor, Sara is really energetic and funny too, it helps get you through a early morning workout for sure! I was excited when I walked into the class and started setting up and realized Melissa was right next to me 🙂 YAY! Sara did a mix of Body Pump 67 and Body Pump 72. I never did the 67 tracks, and was nervous about it. With Body Pump, it is always good to know what is coming. 😉 I actually loved the 67 tracks and the music was fantastic. I guess I stand corrected, sometimes it is really fun to mix it up. After class, I showered and got ready for work at the gym and hopped on the train. I was actually the first one in the office this morning and got quiet a few little things done 🙂 Love that!

Breakfast was eaten at work. I brought oatmeal. Oatmeal is a super portable breakfast. Last night I packed up the oats, 1/2 of a banana and the toppings in ziploc bags (separately) and I was all set. I keep almond butter in the fridge at work and obviously a mini measuring cup and cinnamon are staples in any foodie’s desk draw 😉


  • 1/2 a cup of oats
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1/2 of a small banana


  • Cinnamon
  • Dark chocolate chips
  • Organic unsweetened coconut that I forgot I had but found last night while rummaging through the cabinets trying to get creative.
  • Spoonful of Almond Butter

I ate my oatmeal while working and chatting wedding stuff with my co-worker Caitlin, she is getting married less than a month before me. I also had a medium french vanilla coffee with half and half that I picked up at DD’s in the train station.

Today’s outfit:

Black Dress (Buffalo Exchange), Gray Boots (Target).

My favorite thing about this dress is the ruffle neck time 🙂 SO ADORABLE!

In Other News:

1. Self Love Tip of the Day: Forgive Yourself: This is something I have worked REALLY hard to become good at. I used to be super forgiving of others, yet  I would beat myself up over every little thing. All of us make mistakes; so there is really no need to beat yourself up over them. If you have made a mistake in the past that has caused you to feel less worthy, work on forgiving yourself.

Challenge: Today, think of one thing you have beat yourself up over recently and let it go and forgive yourself. Right now…go ahead…do it!

“To forgive is to set  a prisoner free and discover that prisoner was you.” -Lewis B. Smedes

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Hey everyone! Well, I have to make this kind of quick as I have a lot of reading to do for class tomorrow. After work, I popped down the the gym for a run on the treadmill. I ran 6 miles in at a 9:13 min/mile pace while watching the end of Oprah and the news. I wish I had gotten down there earlier, Oprah had Michael Pollan on and I missed his interview! I did, however, catch the brief interview with Alicia Silverstone about her journey to go vegan. It was really interesting and I loved that she took the interview on a trip to Whole Foods and pointed out a lot about what she eats. So cool, a lot of it looked familiar 😉 I think it is so cool to see others talk about changing their lifestyle in regards to eating, how they keep it up, how it makes them feel and why they did it, since I write about that everyday.

After my run, I showered at the gym and came home. I worked for a little while on some phone calls for my part-time job by the time I finished that I was pretty hungry. As I mentioned  earlier, it was time to get creative. I secretly love the challenge of having to work with what we have for a few days. Some of my best recipes were experiments, so I really do get a thrill from this. I looked in the freezer, fridge and cabinets and came up with a yummy and quick (remember I was starving by this point) meal 🙂

First, I looked in the freezer and found these marinated and grilled zucchini and eggplant  from  Trader Joe’s that I have only eaten a few of. They have been in my freezer longer than I have been blogging…it’s about time I used them up!

In my cabinets I found these lentils (also from TJ’s) that I had bought and forgot about.

and half of a packet of Italian dressing seasoning I must have used for a recipe at some point. Gosh, I save everything!

I cooked the lentils and veggies following the directions on the packaging. I also cooked some brown rice. I mixed everything together, added the Italian dressing seasoning, some vinegar and some olive oil and topped it with a little reduced fat feta.

It was AMAZING!!!! I call it Italian lentil and grilled veggie salad! It made about two servings so I will be having the other half for lunch tomorrow (spoiler alert). It was awesome warm, but I bet it will be ever better tomorrow served cold like a salad.

Adam made a pot of coffee while I was cooking, so I had a mug of that for dessert and a vitamuffin topped with Barney Butter.

Nothing is better than a warm gooey vitamuffin topped with Barney Butter….seriously, nothing!

Well, I am off to get some reading done and drink my coffee. Have a great night everyone!!!! See you guys in the am 🙂

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Time To Get Creative!

Hey everyone! Well another ones bites the dust, huh? Another work day is coming to an end for me. I am telling you, this week is flying by!

Lunch came at 12pm exactly! I found it strange that my breakfast burrito left me feeling famished by noon. Usually they fill me up and keep me full for a long time. Oh well. Lunch was an Ezekiel wrap with lettuce, turkey, reduced fat feta and tabouli.

On the side I had our very last clementine and some bbq popchips!

Around 3pm I broke into my snack which was red bell peppers and cucumbers and hummus.

I love these little mini hummus packs, soooo cute and convenient. I got them as Costco.

I also had some coffee to get me through that 3pm wall which I hit again today…blah. I made a little cappuccino out of the machine at work.

We are currently running low on some stuff in the FFF kitchen, mainly fresh produce. I am trying to wait until Sunday to grocery shop when I have more time to go to the grocery store with the best and cheapest produce and I have time to stop by Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s to get some stuff we need/ I got some coupons to try. Time to get creative!!!! What do you do to get creative when you are low of groceries?

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